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One choice can change everything! With romance, drama, horror and more, Choices has the best collection of story games in the world!
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February 25, 2021
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Choices Mod APK is one of the popular Android game which everyone wants to play nowadays.

This is a story game that looks like a second life.

If you are also a big lover of Android games, it is recommended to play this game once.

Here you get all details about Choices Mod and get some other information and answers to all frequently asked questions.

There are some features which you love, but there are some problems which you can’t ignore.

Read this article until the end and try to download this apk on your device.

General Information of Choices Mode APK

AppChoice MOD
App NameChoices, Stories You Play
App DeveloperPixelberry
Size93 MB
Latest Version2.8.1
MOD InfoVIP/Premium Choices
Get this AppOn Google Pplay Store

Choices Mod APK

Choices Mod APK

In short words, this is a story game that you can download on your android device and play when you want.

This is a game in which you able to make a story by making some simple decision.

Some stories you can build through this game are Fall in love, solve crimes, epic fantasy, fantastic adventure, and the best part of these stories to control them.

If you cannot live your life in the way you want and think that you cannot enjoy a specific phase of life due to whatever reason, this game is for you.

You can download this game on your android device and make the incredible story of your life exactly as you want to live it.

When you build your own story by playing your desire character, you have to make some choices, and those choices develop your decision making skill.

With this Choices Mod APK, you can –

  • Enjoy endless romantic stories created by you.
  • Customize your character and build that character duplicate of your personality.
  • Choose to manage job, relation, friends, love, family, e.t.c.
  • Make lots of stories with lots of character.
  • Start any forgotten chapter of your life, which run according to your way.

So, download this game, set your main character, and start making new decisions for living his life, finding new friends, meeting new peoples, settling down in life, and finding a perfect partner.

Choices Mod APK Features.

As we knew that this is the best storytelling game available on the Play Store to date.

But how we can say this.

A straightforward answer is this game as lots of collection of stories so that you can play any phase of your life with different characters.

But there are some other features which make this application one of the best storytelling game.

Below you get a list of some features which make this apk one of the best storytelling game.

Customizing Character.

You can design Character

There are lots of storytelling game available in play store but customizing the character according to your choice is a feature which is not shared.

So, due to this customizing feature, this game become one of the favourite game.

When you first log in to choices apk, it will ask you to create a character as you want, and you able to put lots of personalities, race, gender, style sense, fashion sense, and make that character as a duplicate to your name.

So, choose hairstyle, colour, clothes choices, face shape, and many more, choose the life phase and start building your life story.

Various Adventure.

Adventure in Choice

If there is no adventure in-game, then that game seems to be boring, and this is a feature that makes this game interesting.

Life is full of adventure, and this game is an exact copy of life.

So, when you experience phase like – love, fantasy, horror, detective, and decide in that situation on behalf of your character, this is enjoyable.

The feature of deciding to manage life, job, couple, and partner then fill thrillers and adventures not in-game but also your life.

Unlimited Stories Collection.


As this game is entirely based on stories. The number of stories you can play more you fell enjoyable.

So, the choice of an unlimited collection of stories categorized by horror, romance, mystery, drama, and many more.

You can browse any episode or chapter of any story or series, and this gives you complete control to play any phase of your life at any time.

Your complete control of stories and collection of stories make this game more interesting.


No Ads in Choice APK

You may feel a problem when you are enjoying buy ads come in the middle of it.

To avoid this, you have to buy a premium membership of this apk, which removes all the advertisement from this game.

But using modded stories that you play in apk, you can enjoy it for free without worrying about ads and other pop-ups.

If you want to enjoy the real choice app, you have to choose the mode version or premium version, and then you can enjoy the whole story without any distraction.

Unlimited Keys and Diamonds.

Unlimited Keys & Diamonds for choice apk

This is another beautiful feature, and that is you can avail lots of keys and diamonds and this need to watch ads.

Diamonds and keys are significant to unlock a new phase or level of this game.

If you more exciting story, want to increase the level of fantasy, then you need diamonds and keys for which you have to watch advertisements.

When you buy the premium version, then you get unlimited keys and diamonds.

But if you run a free version, then on each ad, you get some keys and diamonds to open a new story and character.

So, buy the premium version of choice or enjoy ads to get diamonds and keys that unlock your characters and stories, making this game more interesting.

You can learn how to get unlimited keys & diamonds through video given below.

Some More exciting features of Choices Mod APK are –

These are some features that are common in another app also. So, you can say that some standard features of this apk are –

  • A tag of Best Storytelling Game
  • You can Control immersive visual stories
  • Limit in-app purchase by PIN
  • Feel the emotions of the characters
  • Easy to Signup
  • Collection of stories from all different genres
  • Easy to save your progress

How to download Choices MOD APK?

If you like this game and want to download this but tired of finding ways to learn how to download this apk on your phone.

Below, you get some steps to download this apk on your android and PC.

But before you read those steps, it is essential to check your devices that can run this app or not.

Choices APK is not a very high size apk, and you can run this app in straightforward ways and on any device.

For Android – You need a 4.1 version or above and quickly get this apk in Play Store.

For Windows – You need an emulator to run this apk and windows seven or above.

Before you run this app, make this clear that the developing company does not make any software for PC.

But if you want to download this apk on your PC, then you need an Emulator.

An emulator is non-thing, but this application helps you run android apk on PC and PC software in android.

There are two famous emulators which you can use to run this apk on your PC are –

  • BlueStacks
  • NoxPlayer.

But before we download this apk on your PC, we check it for android, which is easier to download on android than PC.

You can learn how to download Choices Mod APK by Watching this video

Download & Install Choices Mod APK for Android.

As this is one of the popular game and this game not contain any 18+ or content which creates a problem, and that’s why you able to download this apk from Google Play Store.

So, to download this APK on your android device, just follow the steps which give below.

Step 1 – Open Google Play Store on your android device and Sign in with your Google account.

Step 2 – Search for “Choices game”, and then you get lots of results, search your app in that list and click on the install option.

Step 3 – When to click on the install option, after some second, the application will install, and you can use it on your android device.

If you want to do this step faster.

Step 1 – Click on the link of “Download Choices MOD APK” from this web page.

Step 2 – Visit the setting of your android device check or on “from unknown sources setting”.

Step 3 – Enjoy this apk on your android device.

How to Download this apk on your PC using BlueStacks.

If you want to use this app on your PC, then just follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Click the link given below and download the BlueStacks apk.

Step 2 – Visit the download section of your computer, which you get in the “My Computer section” and from their open bluestacks and follow on-screen instructions.

Step 3 – Open BlueStacks.

Step 4 – Download Choices APK, which download link is given in this article.

Step 5 – Right-click on the file of Choices APK, which you download from this site and choose the option of open with BlueStacks.

Step 6 – Wait for a few minutes. You can see that this apk is loaded into your BlueStacks, and you can use it according to your time and need.

Download & Install Choices APK on PC using NoxPlayer.

As we know that NoxPlayer is another emulator which you can use to run this app on your PC, so if you want to do so, then just follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Click the link given below and download NoxPlayer for your PC.

Step 2 – After a few minutes, when NoxPlayer is downloaded, open this app on your PC and follow the on-screen instruction to install Nox Emulator.

Step 3 – Click on the link “Download Choices Mod APK”, which you get above section of this article.

Step 4 – When the choices app is downloaded, visit the download section of PC and right-click on the app and choose the option of open with NoxPlayer.

Step 5 – This app is open in your emulator, and now you can use this app according to your free time and need.

Current Famous Stories of Choices Mod APK

There are lots of stories that make this game very popular.

Below you get the top 3 stories, which is very popular, and a maximum number of people love to play this game only.

The Freshman story.

Story of Choice APK

This is one of the most popular stories, and in this story, you are a student of Hartfeld University, and you meet new students like you.

Your aim in this game is to meet new students, make new friends, and Fall in love with your schoolmates.

You get bookish girl James, Party girl Kaitlyn, and football or sports hero Chris, and you have to date them all at once.

If you can date and make an incredible story precisely what you want in your life, then the purpose of this game is complete.

The Crown & The Flame.

The Crown story of choice

If you are a fan of king and queen and want to live that life once, this storyline is for you.

In this adventure story, you have to fight with enemies who stole your kingdom.

This is when you have to build your army to defeat enemies and get your kingdom back.

You get lots of up and down in this story, and you have to run this storyline according to your comfort.

Perfect Match.

This is another most popular storyline of the Choices Mod APK game, and in this game, you have to find your love.

You have to signup for eros incorporated’s high-tech matchmaking service to find your perfect partner. in this match

But later, you fall in love with your business partner, and you have to make wise decisions to run this story perfectly.

Blood Bound.

You are the owner of a multi-millionaire company, and you have selected Raines as an executive assistant of the CEO, but there is more about him than it seems in reality.

This is a horror story which makes your eye wider and opens your mouth and to enjoy this story, and you have to make some wise decisions.

An alternative to this Choices Mod APK app.

Below you get a small list of some popular games similar to choices mod apk but if you need some verity, then read below.

Secrets – Game of Choices.

Secrets App

This is another best game, where you can create your own story, and the process of the game is similar to choices mode apk.

In this game, you can create your own story and discover secrets in romance, fantasy, drama. This game is most famous for creating romantic stories.

If you love to create a wonderfully romantic story, then your character’s life is in your hand and try to make an incredible love story or fantasy story.

Love Choices – Interactive game, New Story & episode.

Love Choice App

This game is especially design for teens, and you get some best story which gives you lots of thrill and adventure.

You get different stories, but this game is most famous for a love choice story game. You get a vast collection of love stories that are incomplete without your decisions.

So, if you love to create wonderful love stories, then this app is built for you. Just download and make your next interactive and fantasy story, which is full of love and romance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As this is a popular game, but there are any questions; if you also have some queries, you can use the comment box.

You get some famous and ask a question below, and I hope your confusion becomes clear with those questions.

Is choices apk mod is safe to use?

Yes! Choices mod apk is 100% safe and secure to use; this app is very light, and you can run this application for any device.

If you download this app from our site, you do not get any virus and malware, and you can enjoy it without worrying about android hang or similar to this.

Will I get unlimited keys in this apk?

This apk is pure and direct from the official site, so you do not get unlimited keys until not upgrading it to the premium version.

Yes! Everything is unlimited with all the costumes and customization only when you download the cracked version of this app.

Hence we are giving you unlimited keys and diamonds in this mod.

Which version is this?

This choices mod version is 2.7.9, the same as the play store’s latest version.

How can I save my current progress?

You can save your current game as you do in other games; you not have to press any button for that.

Yes! If you want to make this game save for the future, it means if you want to delete this game and not want to delete the current progress so that when you download, this app starts from this position.

For this, you have to connect this apk from your Facebook account.

Is Choices Stories Mod APK is available for PC?

The simple answer is No! but you can run this app on your PC with the help of the emulator. Complete steps are given above this article.

How to get Unlimited Key and Diamonds in Choices Mod APK?

You get everything to unlock in this game because you get a mod version of this game in this article.

Don’t worry; just download the app given in this article and use all the feature and unlock the app.

Last Words.

If you reach this section, then I think you read the whole article carefully, and now you can download Choices MOD Apk.

This app is available in the play store, and some public reviews are also given in this article from Google Play Store.

The apk you download in this article is the mod version means you don’t have to worry about ads and unlimited keys and diamonds.

You just download this application by following all the steps given below and then use it according to your need.

If you like this app, then not forget to leave your valuable comment and share to give everyone this excellent app.

Public Reviews.     

lazy everyday

March 22, 2021

Where do I even start with this game? It is fantastic! My FAVORITE story game. Although I wish there were “easier” challenges to accomplish to earn diamonds. Maybe challenges where you have to play a minigame or something? Just a suggestion. Also, try to lower perhaps some of the gem options? Namely, the 30 diamonds. I just think that having to spend your money repeatedly to pay for the diamond options is a little ridiculous.

Ang Luna.Sierra

March 18, 2021

Honestly, this game is AMAZING. Sure it takes a little while to earn diamonds, but it’s all worth it. The stories, plots, characters, inclusiveness of sexual identities, and writing. It shows that this team works hard. They deserve more credit. I like the updates they did on awarding diamonds to finish a book and just read a chapter. It makes it feel more fulfilling. I most definitely recommend this game! 100%

Laura Poole

March 21, 2021

Love but pricey! There are many types of games to play, but it is so darn expensive. Choices cost diamonds, and all the good ones are at least 12 diamonds, at the low end. You have to buy a pack of diamonds from $2 – $20, or more! And they get used up fast if you’re paying for the good choices. Otherwise, you play a very dull game where the plot probably won’t advance and be enjoyable. Also, you can only earn one diamond from watching the videos… I wish it was more like 10!

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