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AMCap is programmed software installed in your Computer with HUE and helps you take a photo of still pictures and make videos.

HUE is nothing but a collection of colour in a particular shade.

If you want to take pictures from your laptop or computer and make videos, this app is beneficial for you.

The question is why you use this application or why you download this particular app for video or photo.

You may say that – When I buy my desktop, I already get one application for videos.

I know some computer get default applications for videos and pictures capturing.


But the simple answer is you get lots of features in this application, which gives you excellent videos and photos.

If you want to make some fantastic videos from your laptop or take some great photos with editing control, you have to download this application on your desktop.

General Information on Amcap Software.

Technical TitleAMCap 9.23-build-300.6 for Windows
RequrimentsWindows 98 SE, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows ME, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 95, Windows 2003, Windows NT, Windows 10
LicenseFree Trail Version (but, you can download paid version)
Latest UpdateTuesday, April 28th 2020
Designed ByNoeld
Official Website

Download AMCap Software

What is Amcap Software

This is an application that helps you to take some best photos and excellent videos through your Webcam.

Noeld company develops this software for a system that has Microsoft windows.

This is a tool that helps you to capture videos from your Computer and also helps you to preview recordings from any digital video sources.

More simply, this is a webcam driver who records everything from Webcam and saves it on your Computer.

Amcap Tutorial

So, if you have a web camp or any camera connected to your laptop, you can control that camera through this application.

This application is 15MB, we can say that this is one of the lightweight cameras, and this app also helps to take still pictures.

Through Amcap, you can also add some effects to your videos and photos and make them more attractive and save that file on your hard drive in MPEG2 or AVI format.

You can change the format of your pictures and videos later.

You can download Amcap software on any windows computer which is running on windows SP1 or more.

Why we use AMcap Software.

Many people need an application for video editing and video making, and this application is precisely for that.

Why we use AMCap
Check why we have to use

You get tons of applications in this category in the market, but people compare functionality, performance, and price.

Amcap software is the best in functionality, and its performance is incomparable; you also get this application at is a very affordable price.

You not only take still pictures, audio and video are also controllable by this application. You also get support for an analog television turner; if you use several monitors, you can preview recordings on them in various formats.

If you are not a techy person, then also you can use this application. Amcap software developers want to create an application for photo and video recording, which is easy to use.

They seem successful because this application has a straightforward interface that can be used by an illiterate person also.

The installation process is also straightforward, and it is also straightforward to connect this software with the monitor.

So, suppose the interface is user friendly. In that case, the installation and use of this application are straightforward. You also get the best features and performance at an affordable price and use this application for video, audio, and photo editing.

Now, I think you did not need any answer for using this application over any other video recording application out there.

Features of Amcap

AMCap software

Below you get a small list of features about Amcap, which makes it clear why this software is the best video recording application.

  • This is a video capture tool that helps you to record from any digital video sources.
  • You get a preview of the video in MPEF-2 format with recording enhancements.
  • You can use third party video compression with this tool.
  • You get video format in AVI, WMV, Mp4 (compatibility depends on you)
  • You can set persistence between sessions, which means you can set colour space, output size, video standard, e.t.c in between the session.
  • This tool provides analog tuner support for both TV and radio broadcast.
  • You get the feature of periodic snapshots for automatic still picture capture.
  • You can also configure crosshair and on-screen display (OSD).
  • There is a feature of experimental Text Enhancer – this is specially designed for individuals with low vision.
  • Get complete volume control.
  • You also get a touch-friendly experience with a full-screen preview.
  • Also, get supported by Video Renderer, Video Mixing, and the enhanced Video Renderer.
  • You also get the feature of Video rotation and complete digital zoom control (for video preview only).
  • Video overlay for customization or template purposes.
  • You get templates for your recurring video layouts. Captions and bars on your videos can be hidden, and you can see a preview of the video on top of other videos. When your final video is ready, then you can select your preferred video renderer.

These all are some best features which you can use when you download this application on your Computer.

File size limits in AMCap

Amcap offers three types of files, namely – FAT 16, FAT 32, and NTFS.

NTFS is used to compress a large file and work in the best compatible way with all the operating systems released in 2006 and later.

On the other hand, FAT32 and 16 is a type of file which work best with USB flash drives, but they lack some permissions and security feature, which make them not highly preferable file type and you also able to store less than 4GB in FAT32 file type and less than 2GB in a FAT16 file type.

Now you understand some types of files, and now your size of the video depends on the file type you choose.

There are some files limits are given below –

  • For FAT16 (2GB) – 1 byte
  • For FAT32 (4GB) – 1 byte
  • NTFS (2TB) – 1 byte.

  Compact video capture application.

Amcap software offers you an extensive collection of video capture tools that can help you to preview and record content with your Webcam or other digital video camcorders.

You can also record content through this application.

This software supports Microsoft DirectShow, which allows delivering recordings appropriate for TV broadcasts and other video platforms.

Now, overall, if you are interested in recording videos, then AMcap software helps you maximize your Webcam or camera capability.

How to Download AMCap software.

Check the video to download this application

If you understand everything about AMcap and love all the features and now want to use this, you have to read this section.

If you check the available table starting of the article for this application, then now you have to follow some simple steps to use it on your desktop.

You can also read some steps to download this application

download 1st step
click on the link to download

Step 1 – Click on the download link, which you get in this article, and as soon as you click on that link, the downloading process will start.

download steps
Open that downloaded zip folder in your computer

Step 2 – When your downloading process is completed, then you get a zip folder on your computer with the name of amcap (

Your Download is complete. Follow the below steps to install that application on your Computer.

Step 3 – You get that zip folder in download files that you get in your computer section, and when you see that zip file, then right-click on that and choose an open option.

Step 4 – When you click on open, you see a dialogue box “Welcome to the AMCap  Setup” written on it, and you have to choose the “Next” option from that box.

download step 3
Box which you see when you click on that software icon for first time.

Step 5 – When you click on “Next”, you get another dialogue box for “choose install location”, and in this dialogue, the box destination folder is already set. Still, if you want to change AMCap files’ location, you click on Browse and set the location according to you.

Step 6 – Click on the Install option, which you get below this dialogue box.

download step 4
Choose your location and then download

Step 7 – When the installation is completed, you get another dialogue box of “Completing the AMCap Setup”.

download step 5
Choose one option and then complete

Step 8 – You get two options in this dialogue box; you have to choose or check the first option, “Run AMCap”, and remove the check sign from the second option of “Show Readme”.

Step 9 – When you check that option, you have to click on the finish option, and your work is completed.

downloaded step 6
Select the option which is selected in this figure

Step 10 – When all the above work is completed, then you get another dialogue box of “AMCap (Demo Version)”, and you have to choose the option of “ManyCam Virtual Webcam”.

Now, your download process is completed, and you can see a box on your computer screen that show you pictures from the camera connected to your computer.

Amcap software interface
You are using this AMcap software

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • What is AMCap?

This software is used for video recording and works as a driver for your Webcam or any other video recorder.

If you are interested in video recording, you can download this application for the latest features. This software is a program to work with HUE of windows by Noel for Microsoft Windows.

  • Is AMCap software is free?

Yes, you can use some of the essential features free of cost, but the complete control paid version is also available.

This application is straightforward and fast, with many features make it the leading choice among video capture apps.

  • How do I use AMCap software?

Follow some simple steps to use this application –

Step 1 – Exit all the running programs and apps in your windows.

Step 2 – Check your desktop home screen for the AMCap icon if you downloaded it correctly.

Step 3 – When AMCap is adequately launched, then you see an image from your camera and some other options on a sidebar.

  • For What I can Use AMCap?

You can use this to take photos, video recording, watch the preview of videos, and watch videos recorded through your other Webcam or camera.

  • Is AMCap is safe?

Yes, this is an old application which is latest updated on April 28th 2020, now you can use this application according to your need without thinking about any problem.

Last Words.

If you reach this section, then I think you read this whole article carefully, and now you understand the complete information about AMCap software.

Suppose you want to download this application, then after reading this whole article. In that case, you can easily understand why this application is considered a user’s priority in the category of video capturing applications.

This is one of the best applications you need if you are interested in video capturing and want to see your video recording of Webcam.

Now, suppose all your queries related to AMCap software are completed. In that case, you get all your answers. Do not forget to share this article and If possible, leave your valuable comment below this article.

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