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This is another hack of Pokemon FireRed (I also discussed one).

If you are a fan of pokemon and want some new pokemon game series that raises the level of excitement, you are in the right place and Pokemon Cloud White is right game.

Pokemon FireRed is one of the most popular pokemon games, and this is a hack version of that game. But in this rom hack version, you can face new creatures, new style, background, design, items, and pokemons that steal your heart.

In Pokemon Cloud White, you can design Pokemart, Pokemon center, battle scene, and many more, which make this game more addictive.

Now, you get the download link of this game below, with some step-by-step process, so if you want to play this game, do not forget to click the link given below.

General Information of Pokemon Cloud White ROM

Real NamePokemon Cloud White ROM
TypeGBA game console
Hack ofPokemon FireRed

Pokemon Cloud White

Pokemon Cloud White

If you are a pokemon fan, this is a must-play game for you, if you play the FireRed version of Pokemon, you get some similarity in style of this game, but you indeed love this pokemon game.

You get 540 types of pokemon in this game, which means all pokemon from 1 to 6 generations are available in this game, and you can catch any of them. 

You also experience day and night with the weather, which makes this game more interesting. 

So, you must download this rom file to play this game on your pc and android, but if you are not using GBA, you have to download an emulator to run this game on android and pc.

If you want to run this game on android, then download the My Boy emulator, and if you want to download this game on pc, then download the VBA emulator or Demusme emulator.

The download link of GBA emulator and rom file of Pokemon Cloud is given below.

Features of Pokemon Cloud White

Features are the critical factor that makes any game best. So, below you get a small list of features that show you why this game is best and why you have to just play this rom hack version of the Pokemon FireRed game.

  • New Scenarios, new style, and look changed from Kanto and Sevil region.
  • New Rivals, your competitors make the game more interesting, and if you download this game, then yes, this game is rom hack version of Pokemon FireRed, but you get different rivals and pokemon.
  • New Evil Team, Team Rocket is a favorite evil team of pokemon, but you get the new pokemon evil team in this game.
  • New Menu, the style you can edit your character, background, game stadium, and other gaming elements are changed.
  • You get new moves and abilities in your pokemon.
  • New Pokecenter, where you can do treatment of your pokemon.
  • You get more than 540 Pokemon from generation 1 to 6, and this is one of the great features which make this game more popular.
  • You also get one additional storyline that is related to the film “7 samurais.”

Story of Pokemon Cloud White.

Pokemon Cloud White

The story of Pokemon Cloud White is similar to pokemon FireRed, where the player is a small boy, lives in a small town named Pallet, gets his first pokemon from the professor, and starts the journey to be the best pokemon trainer in this world.

In this version, players have to follow the same story, where the player is a small boy who wakes up one morning and gets a pokemon to start his journey to be the best pokemon trainer in this world.

Just a new feature you get is background, style, characters, and all other designs that you can change according to your test.

But one of the most crucial points is 540 pokemon, and you can be caught any of those pokemon, and all the fight of a player is also with very new pokemon.

All the design is in your control, and the massive number of pokemon in this game makes it more interesting. 

How to download pokemon cloud

If you understand the story of Pokemon Cloud White and the features of this game, then you can download this game. 

Keep in mind that Pokemon Cloud White is one of the best and popular game you can play, but before you download, keep in mind that this game is for GBA, Game Boy Advance.

But you can play want to play in your pc and android device with the help of an emulator, and the download link of the best emulator is given below.

This game is actually a rom hack version of Pokemon FireRed, but you can download it with the help of some simple steps, and you just have to play this game.

If you don’t want to read then watch the video given below and learn how to download in PC and Android.

How to install pokemon Cloud on PC

If you want to play this game on your pc, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Click the link given below and download the rom file of Pokemon Cloud White.

Step 2: Click the link given below and download the emulator to run this game on your pc.

Step 3: Visit the download section of your mobile, extract both the files and double click on the emulator file to open it.

Step 4: Visit the menu section of your emulator, and you get the option to choose the ROM file, just click on it and open the rom file in your emulator.

Step 5: When the rom file of pokemon cloud opens in this emulator, you can play this game when you need.

How to install Pokemon Cloud Rom on Android.

If you want to play this game on your android, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Click the link and download the Pokemon Cloud Rom file and emulator to run this file from the link given above on this webpage.

Step 2: Visit the file manager of your mobile and extract both files.

Step 3: Then, visit the setting application of your mobile, and in the security section, you can enable the unknown sources.

Step 4: Visit the file manager and double click on the extracted file of the emulator and you get the option of install, so click it and install this emulator on your android device.

Step 5: Visit the emulator and click on the menu section; you get the option of ROM file, so click on it and choose the extracted rom file you install and open this file in your emulator.

Step 6: When the Rom file of Pokemon Cloud opens in your emulator, you can play this game on your android device.

Cheat Code of Pokemon Cloud White.

This game is very famous and best, but if you search for some cheat codes that make this game more best, you need to follow some codes given below.

If you want to get mega gems, then if you enter 820258400065, you can withdraw the mega gem by checking your PC in Pokemart.

There are many types of such codes, and some codes help you evolve your pokemon directly to the last limit and make more.

All the codes are given below, just check the video and play.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Pokemon Cloud White Complete?

Pokemon Cloud White is a game which is very popular due to their features, and yes it is completed, but you also get 2nd part of this game, and 3rd part is still developing.

What is the Difference between Pokemon Cloud White?

Pokemon Cloud White is a ROM hack version of Pokemon FireRed, but you get the difference: this game gives you Mega Evolution and Mega Gems, New Spirits, moves, a new style of buildings, and environment of the game.

But the biggest difference is, you get 540 different types of pokemon from generation 1 to 6 games, and all are catchable, with new rivals, pokemon center, and able to edit a battle scene.

How do you mega evolve in Pokemon Cloud White?

Mega evolve is one of the best features of this game, and 32 Mega evolutions are implemented in this game. 

To evolve your pokemon, you need to use a “Mega Gems,” and then you can evolve DracaufeuY to Charizard lvl 90, and many more.

How many regions does Pokemon Cloud White Have?

Pokemon Cloud White has a total of 5 types of regions, and all the regions follow the story of Pokemon Fire Red.

How many Legendary Pokemons are there in Pokemon Cloud White?

There are 33 legendary Pokemons available in the game.

Last Words

If you reach this section, you read this article carefully, and now you are ready to download Pokemon Cloud ROM on your android and pc device.

This game is a rom hack version of Pokemon FireRed, but Pokemon Cloud White gets immense popularity worldwide, and people love to play this game.

This game is developed for GBA, Game Boy Advance, but today no one is using GBA, and that’s why you need a GBA emulator to play this game on your PC and android, and all the essential links of ROM file and emulator file is given below.

So, if you can read all information and able to download ROM and emulator files on your pc and Android, then you can play Pokemon Cloud White in your device when you need.

If you think this article provides complete information about Pokemon Cloud Rom, then do not forget to share this article, and if possible, then leave your valuable comment below. 

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