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Download Pokemon Crystal Clear Rom, latest version for PC, and Android, a new GBA rom hack with latest version, download pokemon crystal clear (Pokemon Crystal Hack), of Game Boy and Console to play in PC and Android
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Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM, which you get below in this article, is a ROM hack for Pokemon Crystal.

This is a hack version of the game pokemon crystal, developed by the Game Freak company, and ShockSlayer developed this hack version.

Pokemon Crystal is a game developed in 2000 and published by Nintendo company for GBA (Game Boy).

This game can collect huge popularity because this game is an enhanced version of Pokemon Gold and Silver, and this game is the final game of the second-generation game.

After Pokemon Crystal’s second generation of gaming ended, this game became one of the most popular Pokemon games.

But, people suffer from many restrictions in-game, which is why ShockSlayer launched Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM.

General Information about Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM.

Real NamePokemon Crystal Clear ROM
PlatformWindows, Android, GBA

Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM 

Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM

This game is a romhack version of Pokemon Crystal which known as Pokemon Crystal Clear and developed by ShockSlayer, and an original game is Pokemon Crystal which Game Freak Company developed.

While the rom of crystal clear is similar to pokemon crystal, this game mainly becomes famous because of its vast open-world design. 

In the Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM game, you get an open-world experience. You can travel anywhere in the game world and fight in any pokemon gym and collect pokemon as your starting pokemon.

In this game, players can pick their starting region, customize their character, and get a wider selection opportunity to pick their starting pokemon.

All part of this game is free, and a player can freely explore the game world and collect pokemon and gym bandages in any order and from any region, without or very few restrictions.

So, if you want to move freely in a pokemon world and want to choose any pokemon without any restriction, want to play a game with 251 different types of pokemon.

If you are a fan of video games and pokemon games, this game is for you, and you become a fan of this game.

Features of Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM 

Pokemon Crystal Clear Features

Features are the part of the game that shows you why this game is best; if you want to understand why this game steals many people’s hearts, then read on.

Now, below you get small list of features which show you why this game is best and popular than other pokemon series games.

Get 30 Types of Starter Pokemon

A player gets 30 options for a starter pokemon crystal clear, and this number is high compared to other pokemon game series.

Play with more than 200 pokemons

The player can play this game with 251 different types of pokemon; in this game, you can see both Kanto and Johto region pokemon.

Customize your Character and Trainer classes

From the beginning of this game, you can customize your trainer, character, and choose a variety of trainer classes and select different color combinations in character. 

Start your journey from where you want

You can start your journey from anywhere, either Kanto or Johto region, and you can explore the entire region and fight with anyone anytime without any task completion rule. 

Fight without any limitations

If you want to fight in the main event, you can do this; in this game, players don’t need any special or specific badges to participate in any match.

Evolve your pokemon when you want

A player can buy an unlimited number of evolution items and NPC, and from all those items, a player can evolve their pokemon when they want. Players don’t need 100% complete Pokedex, and without trading or special events, you can evolve your pokemon when you want. 

Fight according to your badges means if you have zero badges, then the gym trainer only uses pre-evolved pokemon or low-level pokemon, and this game is not too easy or way too difficult. 

All the above features make Pokemon Crystal Clear Rom best game in whole pokemon series.

What is bad in Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM?

Why No to Pokemon Crystal Clear

This game is very popular, and if you want to make fun, then this game is very best, but if you are in search of a story, surprizes then this game is not the best.

When you play Pokemon Crystal ROM, the basic version of this game, you get some story, some special pokemon, criminals, and lots more phases that make your eyes wide, but this all not happen in this ROM.

This is a romhack game, so you get lots of pokemon, but there are no special abilities, and you also get limited items.

When you have a trainer’s phone number, they can call any time, which may irritate you.

You do not get any rival in this game, and there is no criminal organization that you need to stop.

Whatsoever, you do not fill any storyline in this game, no restrictions or limitations due to badges, fight with any elite four, meeting with NPCs, and exploring the region in general and just for fun.

The gameplay of Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM 

Gameplay of Pokemon Crystal Clear

This is one of the popular Pokemon games, and any game is best or is only checked through gameplays.

If we talk about the actual version of this game, it means Pokemon Crystal Rom; in that game, you get one pokemon to start this game, and you start this game in a region where you have to catch wild pokemon. When you get six pokemon, you can fight in the gym, and when you win elite four gyms, you can compete in the main event, and this journey, you get lots of interesting tasks and phases.

But this game is more than just a journey with friends and rivals.

Yes, in this game, you do not get any friends and rivals.

But when you start Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM, you get a selection of 30 pokemon, and you can choose any; you also get 251 different wild pokemon which you can catch to fight in Gym battle.

So, the pokemon numbers in this game are very high, and you can be caught and choose any pokemon to play your game.

When you choose any Pokemon without winning any gym battle, you can compete for the main event or any restrictions you can do in this game.

You can evolve your pokemon when you want, and you can fight with any pokemon when you want; when you fight with this pokemon, you can win this game.

How to download Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM 

So, this is your favorite game, and you want to play this game on your PC and android device; well, you are in the right place, and you get all the important links to download this game in this article.

But before you read any steps and learn any method to play this game must remember that Pokemon Crystal Clear is for GBA or game consoles.

The truth is today, and no one is using GBA or game console; if you want to play this game on your PC and android device, then you need an emulator.

The GBA emulator to play this game on your PC and android is given below, and you just have to follow the steps. 

An emulator is nothing, just as an application that you can download and run any other device software in another device or vice-versa. 

This means, if you want to run PC software in Android, then you need an emulator; similarly, if you want to run a GBA game on your PC, then also you need an emulator. 

If you don’t want to read steps then watch the video to download Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM.

How to install Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM on PC.

If you want to run this game on your PC, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Click the link given below and download Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM from the link. 

Step 2: Click the link given below and download the GBA emulator for this game.

Step 3: Visit the download section of your PC and extract both the downloaded file.

Step 4: Double click on the emulator and open this; after that, visit the file section and choose open ROM.

Step 5: Click open ROM, and this game will start on your PC.

Step 6: When this game starts on your PC, you can play this game according to your need. 

How to install Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM in Android.

If you want to play this game on your android device, then follow some steps given below.

Step 1: Click the link and download the ROM file of this game and emulator to play this game from this webpage.

Step 2: Visit the file manager and extract both files.

Step 3: Visit the mobile and security section to enable the option of an unknown region.

Step 4: Visit the file manager, and when you click on the extracted file of the emulator, you get an option of install; just install it.

Step 5: When you click on the installed emulator apk then in the file section, you get the option to open rom, click on that option and open the rom file.

Step 6: When that rom file opens an Android device, you can play this game on your android or mobile phone.

If you follow all the above steps and click on the link, you get this game on your device and play this famous Pokemon game.

Last Words

If you reach this section, you understand how to download and play Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM.

Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM is a romhack file of Pokemon Crystal, but this version is much more attractive because you get all the important features in this game.

You can play with lots of different pokemon in this game, and this is its important feature.

If this article helps you a lot and you think this article is helpful, do not forget to share this article, and if possible, then also leave your valuable comment below.

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