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Pokemon Crystal is another one of the best pokemon game, which you can enjoy on your PC. 

Pokemon Crystal Version is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and Publish by Nintendo with the Pokemon Company in 2000. 

This is the enhanced version of Pokemon Gold and Silver. 

This pokemon game is the final game of the second generation series of Pokemon game series. 

If you are a fan of such games and want to enjoy this game on your PC or Android device, you are in the right place. 

Just stick with this article until the end and learn all the step by step process to download this game and learn some more points about this game. 

Some General Information about Pokemon Crystal

Real NamePokemon Crystal
File NamePokemon – Crystal Version (V1.1)
File Size1.0 MB
For ConsoleGameboy Color (Download this emulator)
GenreRole Playing Game
CategoryRoms, and Action Games

Pokemon Crystal 

Pokemon Crystal Logo

Pokemon Crystal is a second-generation video game, but today also people love this game and want to play this on their PC. 

This pokemon game was released worldwide on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on 26th Jan 2018, which means in 2018 you can use this game in 3D Console, and before this version, players using this game in 2D. 

This game is a sequel of Pokemon Soul Silver, and you get lots of features, same in Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Crystal. 

The most notable change in this game is you can play as a girl in this pokemon game, and this game also shows you the story of Johto and Kanto island same as the Gold and Silver version. 

But this game is better than the Gold and Silver version of the pokemon game series, and you also get some more information about both game below. 

Features of Pokemon Crystal

Below you get a small list of features that show you why this game is one of the best games in all pokemon series and why you have to choose this over others.

Although this game has lots of the same features, you also get several new features that make this game more interesting and attractive than Gold and Silver.

This is the first Pokemon game that allows players to choose the sex or gender of their character in-game. 

When you use your PokemonPokemon in this game, you observe brief animated sprites of that PokemonPokemon when they enter battle. 

For Example – If you use Cyndaquill Pokemon in battle, his flames on its back start flickering, increasing the thrill and action enjoyment of the game. 

The most significant addition of this game is the Battle Tower, and this tower is a new building that allows players to participate in Pokemon Stadium like fights. 

This Japanese edition of the game was exclusively bundled with the Mobile Adapter GB, but now you can play this game also on your PC and android. 

The Gameplay of Pokemon Crystal

Gameplay of Pokemon Crystal

As I said earlier, this is a sequel of Pokemon Gold and Silver, so if you play Gold Silver, you understand the explanation of the Gameplay.

Ho-Oh and Lugia are only be caught after completing the game and reaching Kanto. They both are at level 60, and you have to start the game from this point. 

All the trainer of this game distinct personalities, means different trainer talk about the different topic when you meet. 

In the previous version of the pokemon game, when a pokemon trainer calls, the battle is the only reason, but in this version, when the trainer called, reason can be other than battling, like – for giving the player items, for informing some information about rare pokemon appearance, and many more. 

A pokeom’s friendship can be increased more effectively by training in the same location where the PokemonPokemon has been caught. 

All the above processes are the change otherwise all other gameplay process is same as Pokemon Soul Silver. 

So, if you want to know more, then you can read about Pokemon Soul Silver. 

But these changes make this game better and one of the best pokemon game. 

Story Change in Pokemon Crystal

Story of Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Crystal is more similar to Pokemon Soul Silver, but there is a change in the story of this game, which is given below in more details. 

In Soul Silver, you get SquirtBottle, but in this game, you get a little twist that when you first meet the florist’s assistant on Route 36, you get information about the strange tree blocking the path and get SquirtBbottle in this place. 

You also get a new character, Eusine, and he is searching for Suicune, and you have to battle the player Cianwood City to earn its respect and make your journey further. 

This game is better than Soul Silver because you get a big place to do lots of things. 

How to Download Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Crystal is one of the famous game, and you can use this game on your PC, and before that, you have to keep one thing in your mind. 

This game is not made for PC or android; this game is built for GBA or other game consoles, but today you not get any GBA in the market to play this game. 

But I have known you are very eager to use this game on your PC or android device and relax no need to worry because the solution is given below. 

You get some step-by-step process to use this game on your PC, but you need to download some files before that.

You need to download Pokemon Crystal rom; rom is a special file that denotes that this file is for other devices, but you can use this as another device.

As we know, the Pokemon game is for GBA, but you want to use it on PC, so you have to use this rom file. 

You also need to download an emulator to run this apk on your PC.

The emulator is nothing but just an application that helps you to run any other device file in another device file. 

Now, if you want to download Pokemon Game then download the rom file and an emulator from the link given below.

How to install Pokemon Crystal in PC

So, to download the game’s rom file and run that with the help of an emulator, then follow the steps given below. 

Step 1: Click the link given below and download the Pokemon Crystal rom file of the game. 

Step 2: Click the link given below and download an emulator for your PC to run this game. 

Step 3: Visit the download section of your PC, extract both the file and create a shortcut to the Pokemon Crystal game. 

Step 4: Open Emulator, and in the file section, you can open this Rome file in the emulator and use this game (as shown in figure).

Pokemon Crystal
Open Pokemon Crystal

Step 5: When the game will open in the emulator, then you can use this on your PC and enjoy the game according to your need. 

Play this Pokemon Crystal Game

Step 6 – Save this game file in emulator, so you can open this file again without any problem or without following all step again.

Save Pokemon Crystal game

How to install Pokemon Crystal on Android

If you want to run this game on android, then follow the steps given below. 

Step 1: Click the link and download the rom file of this game on your android device. 

Step 2: Click the link and download the emulator on your android device. 

Step 3: Visit the download section and extract both files; if your file manager does not provide you with the extract option, then download application RAR from the google play store. 

Step 4: If your File Manager not gives Unzip or Extract option, then simply download RAR and unzip both download files. 

Step 5: Visit the mobile setting and enable unknown sources and install an emulator and get an option to open a rom file in an emulator. 

Step 6: When the rom file will open in the emulator, then you can use this application on your PC. 

You can learn how to download this game in PC with the help of video given below.

Last Words

If you reach this section, then I think you read this article carefully and if you want to run this game on your PC, then follow the steps given above. 

All the information given in this article will help you know about the Pokemon Crystal game and its use.

So, if this article helps you a lot, then not forget to share this article and leave your valuable comment below. 

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