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Pokemon Diamond Rom is a famous game for PC which you can download and play with the help of emulator, pokemon diamond gba download zip, pokemon diamond and pearl gba version with emulator download for PC and Android
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Pokemon Diamond is a famous game which based on cartoon series Pokemon in the early 20s, and people want to enjoy that Pokemon life.

That’s why Game Freak company develop a Pokemon game which name is – Pokemon diamond. Which you can download and enjoy play in your pc, mobile, and tablet.

But this game is a play station or PS games, and if you want to download this game in your device then you need to download Pokemon Diamon ROM, which is free in No1Apk.com website.

Pokemon diamond and Pokemon pearl are two versions that release simultaneously, and the response shows that people love both of these games.

This game is one of the famous games from the Pokemon series, and you can play this game on your device with the help of an emulator.

The download link of emulator which helps to run this game in any device as well as download link of free Pokemon Dimond Rom is given below.

All the details with the best emulator for this game and the sound quality 100 percent working Pokemon diamond Rom is given. So, stick with this article until the end and try to learn all the steps and learn how to play the game with some interesting info.

General Information of Pokemon Diamond

Real NamePokemon Diamond
File Name1015 – Pokemon Diamond
File Size13.8 MB
ConsoleNintendo DS (Download Emulator)
GenreRole Playing

Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon Diamond Logo

Pokemon Diamond is a Pokemon series game release with Pokemon pearl; both Pokemon diamond and pearl are a popular series of Pokemon game series.

This game is a role-playing game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo company with the help of Pokemon company in 2006.

All age people love this game, this game is developed for a game console or GBA, but these devices are only famous in 2006, not in 2021.

But players want to play this game on their PC and Android device, and if you want to do this, you need an emulator, which the link is given below.

This game is released in 2006 in Japan and worldwide in 2007; this game got an update, and the new name is Pokemon brilliant; this is the 2021 update.

Again, the Nintendo company wants to update this game, and players get some new and latest versions of the Pokemon game in 2022.

This is a game based on the story of a young Pokemon trainer and his journey to be the best Pokemon trainer in this world.

Features of Pokemon diamond

Pokemon diamond is a popular game, but very much similar to the previous version; apart from all, this game also has some unique features.

Below you get a small list of features that show you why this game is best and how you can play this game on your PC.

Features of Pokemon Diamond Rom, when you download from No1Apk.com

Day Night CycleYou see day and night in this game, which give best experience.
Attack MovesLatest attack movies, which steal your heart.
Get some other stuffWhen you download this Pokemon Dimond rom then you get map, time, calculator, counter, and drawing pad.
You can create the secret baseDue to this feature the Pokemon trainer is continuously travelling from one place to another.
You can tradeThis is one of the best feature through which you can get different items which you need from other players.
You can create the secret baseThis is your place where you can plan and make this place as you want

Day-Night cycle.

This game has basic gameplay, but one of the best features you love is the Day-Night cycle.

In this game, you feel morning, day, evening, and night, which increases the attraction level of this game.

Attack moves.

In previous versions of the Pokemon game, all the fire type moves were unique, and all ground type moves were physical, but this is not happening in Pokemon diamond.

In this game, Pokemon has three types of moves. An attack that makes physical contact is a physical move; an attack that doesn’t make physical contact but significant damage is an extraordinary move. An attack that does not lead to any damage is status moves.

Get Some other kinds of stuff.

In this game, you get some fantastic stuff like a particular watch, Piketech; in this, you get features like – map, time, calculator, counter, and drawing pad.

It would help if you used all these kinds of stuff as you go deep in your journey.

You can create the secret base.

In this game, the Pokemon trainer is continuously traveling from one place to another in search of a Pokemon and gym trainer, and that’s why a base is essential.

So, you can create a secret base for you and your Pokemons, and this feature was first time developed in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

You can trade.

You can play this game online, and when you play this game online, you can trade.

This means to take something by providing some essential items to that Player. Yes, you can say that you can make an exchange of products.

You can trade anything globally in this game, and some Pokemons are trading at very high prices globally.

This is a new feature, and best feature, said the director of Pokemon arts.

The gameplay of Pokemon diamond

Pokemon Diamond Gameplay

This is one of the popular games, and everyone wants to play this game, but before you start your game, it is essential to understand how to play and why to play.

The answer to these questions is hidden in this section, and you also know more about the control and hamming style of Pokemon diamond.

The basis of this game is the same as previous versions; Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl are role-playing video games with adventure elements.

This game is for a handheld console, but you can play this on your PC with the help of an emulator.

You get three primary screen –

  • A field map – where players can configure their main character and control them.
  • A battle screen – where players can control their character while fighting.
  • A menu screen – where players can control their game setting and other controlling factors.

So, you have to play the game or control the game only with all three screens’ help.

Players start this game with no Pokemon or with pokeballs, which help to catch wild Pokemon.

The Player has to fight in the Pokemon league and earn enough medals to win this game and for which Player need Pokemons.

As part of a storyline, players get a chance to choose one out of three Pokemon in the game, and players get some poke balls.

When a Player starts his journey through a forest, he/she gets lots of wild Pokemons, and with the help of your starting Pokemon, you have to capture those wild Pokemons.

Capture wild Pokemon in your Pokeball and fight with them with the gym trainer to take part in the league, and when you win league, you get medals.

Caught five wild Pokemon is necessary to fight with a gym trainer because you must have used 6 Pokemon in a competitor fight and can use different moves and switch your Pokemons to win the match.

All Pokemon has their Hit Point (HP); when you attack other Pokemon, their HP reduces, and when the HP of Pokemon becomes zero, then Pokemon cannot play the match and faint.

Your injured Pokemon again able to fight when you visit the Pokemon health center and revive Pokemons energy.

In this game, you are a young trainer and playing this game from a third-party perspective, and you have to control that pokemon trainer, and automatically Pokemon will control.

In this game, Pokemon, you have to fight gym trainers with your wild Pokemons, which you collect from the forest, and when you can beat eight gym trainers, you can fight in the champions league.

When you beat champions in the league, you have to fight the previous year’s champion as a final match, and if you can win that match, you win all.

In this league journey, you met a team rocket, a criminal organization in the game who kidnapped Pokemon for a lousy purpose and had to fight with them and save your Pokemons on the journey.

So, caught the Pokemon, save them, and with your strategy and tactics, beat other best Pokemons to reach league completion, and this is the game that is full of action and adventure.

There is an extra point that if you fight with Pokemon, then the experience point of Pokemon will increase. If you can accumulate enough experience point, then your Pokemon evolve in advance form.

So, fight as much as you can to level up your Pokemons.

But also keep in mind that capturing a Pokemon is also an important part of this gameplay.

When you capture more than 6 Pokemons, the success rate of caught other wild Pokemon will increase. If you have more Pokemon, you can make a different Pokemon team for different matches.

As you watch in the Pokemon cartoon, Ash changes their Pokemon for different matches, which is also possible in this game.

This makes your dream true, and you able to do all the things you watch in the Pokemon cartoon series.

So, fight to level up your Pokemons, but the most crucial part is caught as much Pokemon as you can, which increases your success rate in battles.

Story of Pokemon diamond.

Pokemon Diamond Story

You Abel to understand that this game is more similar to previous Pokemon series games, and this is true.

Pokemon diamond is one of the famous and best games, but the story of this game is similar to the Pokemon cartoon series you watch on your TV.

In this game, you are a young trainer; you want to become one of the best Pokemon trainers in the world.

You also meet lots of trainers, champions, and Pokemons on your journey.

You play this game from a third-party perspective, where you are a player who controls the trainer, and the computer gives instructions to your trainer and has to control that trainer according to instructions.

This journey begins from a small village where professors research notable species known as Pokemons.

You get one Pokemon through which you can start your journey and capture more Pokemons to fight with Pokemon gym trainers, taking part in a Pokemon league. This is a process through which a Player can become one of the best Pokemon trainers of this world.

In this journey, you also get some other challenges and friends, making this relationship more exciting, full of action and adventure.

If you also love this game, then below, you get a small list of steps that show you how to download, and you also get some vital links to download this time file on your PC.

How to download Pokemon diamond

This is one of the best game which you can play in your device.

Listen, this game was released in 2006 where GBA and handheld game consoles are in trend, but today no one is using this; that’s why it is difficult to use this game precisely like last time.

The popularity of this game is still very high in the market, but this version’s production is stopped, which increases the price of this video game.

Nintendo, the company which develops this game, is busy launching a new version of this game, and the new version of Pokemon brilliant diamond will release in 2022.

As your friend is playing, this game is not for PC and Android, but you want to play this game on your device.

You can do this with the help of an emulator.

Yes, this is a reasonable and straightforward process to play this game.

An emulator is nothing and just an application used to run another device file in another device.

If you want to run this GBA game file on your PC, then download an emulator, which helps run the GBA file on PC and set some settings and enjoy.

Which emulator is best and how you can connect this game with your emulator is given below.

How to download Pokemon diamond on PC.

If you want to play this game on your PC, then follow some simple steps given below.

Step 1: Click the link given below and download Pokemon diamond Rom on your PC.

Step 2 – click the given below and download the emulator to run this game on your PC.

Step 3 – visit the download section and extract both the download file. And open the extracted emulator file by double click on that file.

Extract Pokemon Diamond

Step 4 – open the emulator, visit the file section, and choose the game rom file you download in step 1.

Choose Open Rom option

Step 5 – Choose the rom file which you download and open it in emulator, but if you want to change any gameplay setting, then visit configure section of the emulator.

Choose the Pokemon Diamond and play

Step 6 – if you follow all the above steps correctly, then you get the option to press any key, and now you can play this game according to your need.

If you don’t want to read or get any error then you can learn how to download Pokemon Diamond from the video given below.

How to install this Pokemon diamond game on Android.

If you want to play this game on your Android device, you must follow some simple steps below.

Step 1: Click the link given below and download the ROM file on your Android.

Step 2: Click the link and download the emulator on your device, which helps to play that game.

Step 3 – visit the download section in file manager and unzip both the download file; you can also extract both files on your PC.

Step 4 – if you do not get the option of extract files or get any errors, you need to download the RAR application from the Google play store to extract both the download file.

Step 5 – when you extract both files, then visit the setting section and security area to enable unknown sources.

Step 6 – after that, install the emulator extracted file in your device and open it.

Step 7 – when the emulator will open visit the file section, choose open ROM options, choose the Pokemon diamond Rom file, and open this file in an emulator.

Step 8 – now, you can play this game in extract the same way and enjoy Pokemon diamond.

Last words.

If you reach this section, then I think you read this article carefully and download this Pokemon diamond game on your device.

This is a GBA game, but you can play this game on your PC and Android device with the help of an emulator, and that emulator and rom file download link are given in this article.

So, if you like the information given in this article about the pokemon diamond game, then share this article, and if possible, then leave your valuable comment below this article.

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