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Soul Silver

Pokemon Soul Silver Rom is a GBA game which you can play in your PC, Pokemon Soul Silver Rom download for Nintenso DS and play this game for free in your PC, Pokemon Soul Silver rom, with gba emulator, and application in your PC
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Soul Silver
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Pokemon Soul Silver is one of the popular Pokemon series game, and everyone loves to play this game on their PlayStation or GBA console in the 90s.

But today, no one playing games in GBA, but this game is also one of the most popular games.

If you play the Pokemon series in your GBA, you Know the region, but then read on if you don’t know.

Pokemon Soul Silver is a Pokemon series game similar to Pokemon fire red. This game is developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo.

If you want to know more about Pokemon Soul Silver, then you are in the right place, so just stick with this article until the end.

Generall Info of Pokemon Soul Silver Rom.

Real NamePokemon Soul Silver
File Name4788 – Pokemon – SoulSilver Version
File Size38.7 MB
ConsoleNintendo DS (Download this Emulator)
GenreRole Playing
Download4, 927, 464

Pokemon Soul Silver

Pokemon Soul Silver Rom

Pokemon Soul Silver is the next series of Pokemon games, which love by people of all ages.

This game is mainly focused on obtaining Pokemon, which are unavailable in Jhoto and Kanto league.

The gameplay of soul and silver is related to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum versions.

You get lots of characters in this game, and you have to select one character, and other protagonists are playing as a rival in this game.

This game was released on 12th September 2009 in Japan and released in another country in 2010.

This is one of the popular game, and if you eggar to know how to play this game, more information is given below.

Features of Pokemon Soul Silver

Pokemon Soul Silver is one of the famous and one of the best game in all pokemon series. 

If you focus, you observe that in this heart gold & soul silver version of the pokemon game, a player gets lots of new and best features.

Below you get a small list of features that show you why this pokemon soul silver game is one of the best. 

  • In this game, the new feature is that the player can talk to the Pokemon to check how Pokemon feels.
  • A new minigame called pokeathlon, which used by Nintendo, allows Pokemon to compete in events such as hurdling, and many more, which increase the power of Pokemon.
  • This is another new feature you get in this game: the GB Sound, which only pokemon gold and silver.

All the above features make this game one of the best game and this help player to interact with this game.

What is the word “ROM”?

If you want to download this game, you get the link below this article, but it is essential to understand all part of this article, and one of the essential parts is ROM.

When you try to download this game, you have to think about it, and there is a word called ROM.

What is this ROM?

If you read computer in your class, you think about a complete form consisting of memory, but relax; this is not that ROM.

This is another name of the game.

When you want to use some features in your android, you download the application. Similarly, if you want to use some unique features on your PC, you download softwares.

Exactly, like that when you want to play games on your Gameboy in the 90s, you have to download ROMs.

Today, if you want to run this game on your PC, you also need that rom which you play in your GBA.

This is the region you get word ROM.

If you want to play any GBA game on your PC, you have to download the rom of that game on your PC. 

That is not the end, and you need an emulator to run that GBA on your PC correctly. 

Relax! Below you get all files and step by step process to do this on your PC. 

The gameplay of Pokemon Soul Silver.

Gameplay of Soul Silver

Pokemon Soul Silver is one of the best Pokemon game, and you can easily understand this when you understand the gameplay of this game.

This game is straightforward to control, the player has to control the Pokemon trainer, and ultimately Pokemon will control.

This game player has to press A to make an interaction between trainer and Pokemon and face it.

This game consists of three essential parts – a field map, in which the player navigates the main character, a battle screen, where player control their Pokemon for battle, and the menu for some critical changes.

The player begins the game with one Pokemon, and they can capture more in the journey using their Pokeball.

In this game, the player has to win lots of battle and when pokemon fight, the screen switches to a turn-based battle screen.

During the fight, Pokemon has hit point (HP), and when HP becomes zero, your Pokemon lose the match. So, in any pokemon fight, it is your responsibility to reduce HP to zero.

After every match, you have to visit the pokemon centre to heal or revive your Pokemon skills. 

When Pokemon fight, you get experience point, and after accumulating enough experience points, it will level up. Sometimes your Pokemon evolve into a more powerful version with enough experience points.

So, in this game, you have to fight and acquire experience point to make your Pokemon better, which helps you complete more league, competitions and make more stories.

The Story of Pokemon Soul Silver

Story of Soul Silver

The story of this game is similar to other game in which player can relate to this Pokemon TV show. 

The Pokemon heart gold & soul silver takes place in the Johto & Kanto region, where the league pokemon match will play. 

A tiny protagonist is a young pokemon trainer who lives in a small town known as New Bark Town. At the beginning of the game, the player chooses either a Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Totodile as their starter pokemon.

From a pokemon professor, he gets his Pokedex, and he decides to start his journey to let the player keep the Pokemon and start their fight in this journey.

The main goal of this pokemon game is to become the best trainer in the Johto and Kanto region, which happens when you win this game league.

When you win, you can participate in a league where you have to defeat gym trainers and gain all eight gym trainer batches to participate in any league.

When you achieve or win eight gym batches, you can participate in the league, where you has to meet the elite four trainers, and they have the best Pokemon, you have to beat them to fight with the previous champion of this league. 

Throughout this game, the player will battle against Team Rocket, a criminal organization that caught pokemon and abused them for personal profit. 

During this game, the player’s rivals will battle the protagonist in a skill test at a certain point. 

In this journey, you also meet with some other characters like Kimono Girls, and in this game, they need your help to beat Team Rocket. 

In this journey of the best pokemon trainer, you have to meet many people who help you and make your journey more enjoyable. 

If you want to know how to play this game in pc, then watch the Pokemon Soul Silver gameplay video below.

How to download Pokemon Soul Silver.

If you want to download this game on your PC, you must understand that this game is made for GBA game console, or PlayStation not for PC.

I knew your friend is playing this game on his PC.

Yes! You can also download this game on your PC but only with the help of an emulator and rom.

When you download the ROM of this game and emulator (both will download through this webpage), you can run this game on your PC.

It sounds very techy, but this is one of the easy processes, and you can do this very smoothly. 

An emulator is nothing; it is just an application that works to run this one application of another platform in another platform.

For example – If you want to run the android application on a PC, you also need an emulator and vice-versa.

So, below you get some simple steps and a button to download an emulator to run GBA games on PC, and you can also use that emulator for your android. 

So, below you get small steps for your PC and Android, so just follow those simple steps very carefully.

How to Install Pokemon Soul Silver on Android.

This game can run on your android device and if you need this, follow some simple steps given below.

Step 1: Click on the link given top of this webpage, and download Pokemon Soul Silver Rom on your device.

Step 2: Visit the setting section and enable unknown sources, which allow you to install this game on your android device. 

Step 3: Download the GBA emulator, which helps to run the GBA game on your PC, from the link given below. 

Step 4: Visit playstore and download the RAR application on your mobile; with the help of this application, you can unzip the Pokemon Soul Silver Rom. 

Step 5: Now, visit the download section of your android device. Open the emulator file you download. Choose the install option. Choose the file section and download this application on your PC. 

How to install Pokemon Soul Silver on PC. 

If you want to download this pokemon game on your PC, then below you get some simple steps; just follow them. 

Step 1: Click on the link given below. Download this Pokemon Rom on your PC. Extract this rom file.

Step 2: Again, click the link given below and download the emulator to run this game on your PC. 

Step 3: Extract the emulator file and visit the folder, you get lots of files, but all you need is a file in Application type. Now, right-click on that file and choose to create shortcuts (as shown in the figure). 

Extract the game and emulator

Step 4: Double click on the emulator file and open that emulator on your PC. 

Step 5: Choose file > Open Rom… > choose the rom file from your PC (This PC > Dekstop or In download section), and openly choose this rom. 

Select the game and open

Step 6: Visit Config and choose3D settings. Here you have to choose Renderer to OpenGL 3.2 and enable anti-aliasing; this improves the game’s graphics.

Setting before playing the game

Step 7: (Below you get photo which show you Step 6 ) Now tap to play this game, and start your game according to gameplay and play when you want. 

Step 6 setting.

Now you understand how to download this pokemon Soul Silver game in your PC, but if you not like to read or if you have any type of problem then you can follow the video which given below, all the steps are clear in the video given below.

Last Words

If you reach this section, then I think you read this article carefully, and now you are ready to play this game on your PC.

This game is one of the famous game and one of the best series Nintendo Pokemon game series. 

Pokemon Soul Silver is a one-part its another part is Pokemon heart gold. If you want to play that game, stick with this website and find the game you want.

If you like this game, then not forget to share and leave your valuable comment below this article.

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