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Pokemon White is a role play game which develop in 2010 for game console, Nintendo DS, but today also you can play this game in game console.

But the market of game console is reduced, and everyone love to play games in their PC and android mobile.

That’s why we are here, and you get full details with download link below, so read on.

You can also play this game in your PC and android mobile, with the help of rom file and android file which download link is given below with step-by-step process.

If you want to know more about this pokemon white game then stick with this article until the end and learn full information about this game.

General Information of Pokemon White ROM

Real NamePokemon White Version
File Name5584 – Pokemon – White Version ROM
File Size100.8 MB
ConsoleNintendo DS (Download Emulator)
GenreRole Playing Game

Pokemon White.

Pokemon White

Pokemon White is a 2010 year game. It’s one of the best role-playing video games. This game is developed by Game freak. This game is mainly publish for Nintendo DS, but today you not get any Nintendo DS device to play this game and that’s why you can play this game in your PC & Android with the help of emulator.

If you follow some steps and keep all the important information which given below then your process become easy and fast.

This game is one of the best game of Pokemon series and you understand this by knowing about features, gameplay, and story, which given below.

New features of Pokemon White

Below you get small list of features which show you why pokemon white game is one of the best and due to those featues this game is also consider one of the best game in game console market.

Graphics improved.

Graphics of this game is improved by taking help from diamond and

pearl. Yes, you may see some similarity in graphics of Pokemon White and Pokemon Diamond & Pearl.

New dialogues added.

This time game will allow more than one character to speak at a time. In this game you speak with your character as well as other at a same time, and this feature is new as compare to other pokemon series game.

New Kanji appearance.

Japanese players can have kanji appear on screen, rather than only hiragana and katakana. If you are fan of Pokemons and love to watch cartoons and read their comics then you can understand.

Season cycle added.

Instead of continuing day and night cycles like gold and silver in this black and white game, you will see a calendar-wise season cycle added.

Battle machines added.

There are two new battle machines added Triples battle and rotation battles. These types of battleare new and also rise the excitment level in players.

Gameplay of Pokemon White.

Gameplay of Pokemon White

The gameplay of this game is very interesting, the way to play, graphics, style, and many more terms like this make this game one of the best game in Pokemon series for Nintendo DS.

The mode of this game is single-player as well as double play.

This game consists of so many adventurous elements. This game is designed in such a way that it gives the player a third-person perspective.

There are three basic screens.

  • The first one is an overworld – In this screen, a player navigates the main character.
  • The second is a battle screen – Here, a player configures the party items.
  • The third and last one is the menu – With the help of this, one can edit gameplay settings.

In this game, starting player will have only one Pokemon. But the player will have pokeballs, and so he can catch other wild Pokemon.

At a time, a player can carry six pokeballs only.

In this game, you will see a Pokemon center building, where the player can heal their Pokemon after a battle or low health.

Pokemon have to learn atleast four moves before fighting. But for being a winner of a battle, a Pokemon must know six important moves.

  • Attack.
  • Defense.
  • Special attack.
  • Special defense.
  • Speed.
  • Healing moves.

Generally, most of a Pokemon moves correspond to its typing. A Pokemon type makes it vulnerable or resistant to others.

When a Pokemon challenges or gets challenged by any other wild Pokemon, the screen suddenly changes into a battle screen.

If the opponent’s Pokemon faints all the player’s Pokemon, it will be counted as an experience point.

By collecting so many experience points, a player may level up their Pokemon.

Story of Pokemon White

Like previous Pokemon games, Pokemon White also follows a linear storyline.

Story of Pokemon White

The Protagonist of Pokemon White is a teenager who starts a journey through Unova, New York. He wishes to become the best Pokemon master.

The main step of this protagonist is to battle with eight gym badges of Unova, in which he has to defeat any four.

The player will also have to defeat the games’ main antagonist force, Team Plasma, a Knights Templar-esque group who claim that Pokémon are oppressed by humanity.

According to the game version, the leader of team plasma N will capture Reshiram in White.

Now the player gets to know N is the current newest Pokemon champion. Now, the player has to defeat N.

After that, the player has to find the remaining sages of Team Plasma. So, they can be brought to justice.

Here, the player can challenge the Elite Four members and then challenge N and ultimately become the Unova region’s new Pokemon champion.

And when the player wins the battle with N and White Forest then the game is over and, home to humans and Pokémon start living in harmony.

How to Download Pokemon White.

This is one of the best game and everyone wants to download this game in their device, but before you start download this device you have to know some important information which given below.

This game is not made for PC or Android device.

But, yes you can play this game in your PC and android as your friend is playing, for that follow some important steps which given below.

This game is publish in early 20s, when smart phones are not common and that’s why Nintendo company launch this game for Nintendo DS game console.

Now game consoles are not common and everyone want to play this game in their PC and android.

The word which you read again and again, that is – ROMs, this is a word which use because this game file is for Nintendo and this word is denote that.

Now, if you want to run this game in your device then you need an emulator and the download link of that emulator is given below.

You don’t have to think anythingh just follow the steps and download both ROM file and emulator and run this game in your device to enjoy as you want and when you want.

How to Install Pokemon White in PC.

If you want to download this game in PC, then follow the steps which given below.

Step 1 – Click on the link and download the rom file of game in your computer.

Step 2 – Click the link given below and download the emulator for this game.

Step 3 – Visit to the download section and double click on the emulator and open it.

Step 4 – Visit to the file section of emulator and choose ROM files and click on the open option you get option to choose and when you choose the ROM file then dwnload this file in your PC.

Step 5 – When you choose the Rom and open it through your emulator then you can play, but if you want to change any setting then you can visit configure option of emulator.

Step 6 – Now, click any key and play this game when you want and as you want.

How to Install Pokemon White in Android.

If you want to run this game in your android device or mobile then follow some simple steps which given below.

Step 1 – Click the link given below and download ROM game file for your mobile.

Step 2 – Click the link given below and download the emulator for your mobile.

Step 3 – Visit to the setting section of mobile and in security section you get option of unknown sources, just enable that.

Step 4 – Visit to the file manager and extract both the download file.

Step 5 – Click on the emulator and double click on this and you get option of install, install this apk and visit to the file section where you get option of open rom files.

Step 6 – Choose the rom file which you extract and run that rom file in your android mobile.

Step 7 – If you follow all the steps then you understand any minor problem from on-screen instructions.

Last Words.

If you reach this section then I think you read this article and now you are ready to download pokemon white game in your PC and android device.

You get all the important link of emulator as well as rom file and if you follow all the given steps then you can enjoy this game as you want.

Now, if you think this article is helpful and you understand how to download pokemon white, then not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below this article.

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