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Download PSX - Playsation emulator and its BIOS file - SCPH1001.bin, PSX emulator for PS1 game and SCPH1001.bin bios file to run emulator, Get free SCPH1001.bin bios file for PS1
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SCPH1001.bin is a bios file which you need to download if you want to run a PS1 emulator on your computer.

If you are a fan of video games and want to play Playstation 1, you need to download this file on your computer.

Yes! It would help if you had an emulator to run these PS games on your PC, but Emulator is not the only solution.

You have to understand that the Emulator works only when your computer hardware can read files in the Emulator. 

The computer read the emulator file through Basic Input Output System (BIOS), so when you want to run the PS emulator on a PC, you have to check for the BIOS file, and if you do not get that,,, you have to download this file. 

If you want to download a bios file for your PS emulator, you are in the right place, and you get a download link top and below this article. 

So, to know more no this topic and step by step help, then stick with this article until the end. 

General Information about SCPH1001.bin

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File Size512 KB
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A Bios file is a mandatory component that has one goal – to make the emulator work. 

Simply put, Bios or Basic Input Output System is the robust hardware, and this is the primary device that read particular files of your computer.

If you want to play PS1 games, you need software that provides the PS1 system in your PC, an emulator, but that Emulator will only work when you give the correct bios file.

This SCPH1001.bin is a bios file which you need to run that Emulator.

So, when you download the PS1 Emulator, then the first thing is you need to do is double click on that emulator file and check whether it contains a BIOS file inside it or not. 

If you want to enjoy your favourite PSX games, you need to download an emulator with, the suitable PlayStation Bios file.

Why does Emulator need BIOS file?

As I explain above, if you want to play this game, you need an emulator to provide a specific platform for that game, but to run that Emulator, you need a BIOS file.

Now the question is, why?

If you want to run a PlayStation game on your PC, you hardly find an emulator that runs correctly according to your prefered PlayStation.

Because almost all emulators which you can download easily from the internet you get that without BIOS file. 

If you want to download PlayStation games, you need to download ROMs of those games, and then you need to download PSX, an emulator for PS1.

But PSX not run correctly without a bios file, and that specific bios file is given on this webpage with the name SCPH1001.bin

Owners website provide you Emulator without BIOS file, and when you run that Emulator, you get a pop-up on your PC screen which say “No BIOS found”, and if you see this message, then it means that the wrong BIOS type is used in your Emulator.

If you delete that Emulator and download another one from another place, you will suffer from the same problem. 

The only solution to this problem is you need the correct bios file, which is SCPH1001.bin.

Keep in mind that if you want to run the PSX emulator to run PlayStation 1 game on your PC, you need the SCPH1001.bin bios file in your Emulator to run this Emulator correctly. 

How Do I Get BIOS on PS1 Emulator? 

If you download an emulator and now you want to run that Emulator without any problem, then you need to download the SCPH101.bin file, which you get on this webpage. 

Thanks to a PS1 BIOS emulator, which is the fastest and easiest way to go back to the 90s and remember what games you played in childhood, and to do this, you don’t need a gaming console. 

Only a computer, an emulator, and a SCPH1001.bin bios file, and all these you get on this webpage, expect a laptop.

If you have a computer and want to play this game, you need to download this bios file and an emulator that download link is given below.

How to Download PSX Bios – SCPH1001.bin

The process of download the PS1 BIOS file is straightforward. If you need more information about this file, then you are in the right place; just stick with this article until the end. 

The PSX emulator or you can use other emulator PS game like ePSXe, but PSX is the fastest and one of the most accessible Emulator in the 90s, and this Emulator is one of the best to run PS1 games today also.

Step 1: Download SCPH1001.bin from this website, and when you download, then uncompress this file or extract this file in a specific folder of your computer.

Step 2: Download a PSX emulator and click on the option of “Run BIOS”, and wait for a few seconds or minutes. 

Step 3: If you find the error of “Can’t find BIOS”, then visit Preferences option > and choose the BIOS which you just download “SCPH1001.bin”. 

Step 4: Now click on “RUN Bios”, if all the above steps were correct, you get good results and run your game on a computer.

You can learn how to download specific bios file for your PC from the video given below.

Last Words

If you reach this section, then I think you read this article carefully, and now you are ready to download this BIOS file on your PC. 

SCPH1001.bin is a bios file that helps run for an emulator of PS1 on PC, and if you set this bios file in your Emulator correctly, you need to follow all the above steps properly. 

If you think this article helps you, then not forget to share this article, and if possible, then leave your valuable comment below this article.

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