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Logopit for PC is a best application which you can use to download you get logopit for pc and you get logopit online and logopit inphone all this make your photos more attractive and logopit mod apk, as wel as how to use logopit plus for pc and android.
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If you want to edit photos or make a logo, you are in the right place.

This is a place where you can download Logopit for PC, android, mac, and tablets. Well, Logopit is a famous name in the marker of photo editing.

This application is one of the best applications to make a logo and edit any photo, and it is very easy to use for any beginner. You can download this application free from Play Store, but you do not get all features in that version.

Below you get a download link and download process through which you can download the premium version of logopit for pc and the premium version for android.

So, stick with this article until the end and read all the instructions given below very carefully and get the best photo and logo making application on your device.


Logopit Apk

Logopit is the best photo editing and logo making application for android as well as computers. This tool is complete with all features and provides you with some easy and best features to make some wonderful professional logos.

Logopit for pc is best and you able to understands your need for photos and provides you predesigned size for photos of different places. For example, if you want a Facebook cover photo, then size is predesigned in this app; you just have to choose an option according to your photo needs.

There are many more features that make this application best, and you can use this photo editing application on your pc and use this application on other devices.

Features of Logopit

Features of any application tell you why this application is best and what are the things which make this app better than any other, so all the features of logopit are given below.

You get pre-designed sizes.

Whether you use logopit for pc or Android, you see some predesigned sizes, according to different needs. So when you open this application, this is the first thing you should decide the size for which you need a photo.

You get a size scale for youtube thumbnail, Twitter header, Facebook profile and cover, a blog post, and any type of logo. You can choose your need and be able to get the perfect size photo according to your need.

You can save the photo as a draft.

If you make any photo and you think that this photo is best and you want to create more photos like this previous one with little changes, you can save that photo as a draft.

So, you can save your best photo in the draft and use that photo when you need it.

I save many photos for my blog post, and when I need a photo for my blog, I visit that draft photo and make some little change and use it for any other blog post.

You get lots of font and other designing options.

You get lots of font and colour options in this app; the amount of font you get in this application is one of the highest fonts in any designing app, making logopit one of the best photo-editing applications.

You can use it on any device.

You can download a free version of phlogopite from the google play store, but you cannot use all features, and for this, you have to make it premium.

You can also use this application for laptops, computers, and tablets. But if you search logopit for pc, then there is a different version, and that version is given below, and that version is premium, so you can use this application on your pc, android, and any other device.

Logopit plus for PC and Android free download

When you read all the features of this application, then you can understand all the importance of this application and why logopit is a gamechanger in the photo editing industry.

But, when you download logopit for pc from its official website or download logopit for android from the google play store, you get only a free version, and if you want to use all the features, you have to pay for it.

But, the No1apk website will help you in this process.

If you follow the link and instructions of this website, you can use logopit for pc as a plus version which means a premium version of logopit for your pc and android.

In the plus version, you get all premium features unlocked and all materials to edit is available, and you also get free from all irritating ads.

So, below is the link; when you click on it, then logopit for pc and android will start downloading, and after this, your logopit become free from ads, and there is no limit also get some more features which make your image more attractive.

Logopit Plus Mod Apk

All the application which provides you premium features in free of cost is known as Mod Apk. But, as we know, logopit has lots of features that you can only use with a plus plan means when you pay.

But below, you get a mod version of logopit, and when you click on that link, the logopit application will download; you can download this on your pc and your android, and when you download then you can able to use the logopit plus version with logopit for pc.

So, the link given below is logopit plus mod apk, and you have to click on it, and then you have to visit the download section of the device to install it and then you can use plus a plan of logopit for pc and android.

How to use Logopit Plus

If you want to use logopit plus, logopit for pc and android then, this is very simple because this is one of the normal photo editing apps. Still, if you download it for the first time, this may confuse you, and for this, all the steps you have to follow that clarify all doubts regarding how to use logopit plus are given below.

Step 1: If you ever open this application before following these steps, then the device will ask to open the previous editing; if you have done, otherwise, the app will open normally.

Step 2: Now, you have to choose an option for the photo you want to edit. If you want to edit this photo for a youtube thumbnail, you get that option and many others. But if you want to edit any custom design, you also get a custom option at last, and now the page will open. 

Logopit features

Step 3: When you choose the need or size of a photo, the first option you see at the bottom of this application is the file section, where you can add any logo or photo to your editing page.

Step 4: The second option is to add text, and the third option is to add an image, and 4th option is to add colour; you can choose any of the options in each option; you get lots of other options which help to make your photo more beautiful.

Logopit 2 features

Step 5: The last option at the bottom of phlogopite is saved, and in this section, you get the option of – Save Draft, Download  JPG, Download PNG, an option of Logos and Extras.

Logopit 3 features

So, if you follow all the above steps, you can use logopit for pc and logopit for android without any effort and can make some of the best photos for your need.

Download Logopit for PC.

I think all information you get in this article is a time to use logopit for pc.

Keep in mind that logopit is an APK means you can download this application from the google play store and use this application on your pc, android, tablet, mac, and many other devices.

To download logopit for pc, you have to follow some simple steps below; just read then.

Step 1: Click the link given below and download logopit for pc, and this app will start downloading on your device.

Step 2: When logopit will download, then visit the download section of your device, and you have to extract this download file.

Step 3: When you extract that downloaded file, you get the install option, and after that, you double click and use logopit on your pc and android.

Other Logo Maker App Free Download for PC and Android.

If you can use logopit for pc and Andriod, this is great, but you can use many other applications to edit your photo.

So, if you want to take editing experience of other applications, then below is the small list of some other logo maker app free download for pc and android.

Adobe Photoshop

If we talk about photo editing, this is the first name that comes to our mind, Adobe photoshop express is an application that works exactly like photoshop, and you can use this in your android.

So, this is one of the best photo editing apps you can use on your pc and android for free.

Prisma Photo Editor

This is another best photo editing application you can use on your iOS and Android devices. This app is also getting huge popularity in a current photo editing app.

So, you can use this one of the popular photo editors, and you get a mode version of this application very soon.


This is also one of the popular photo editing apps you can use in your iOS, Android, and PC free of cost. But there are many features of this application that you can use only in the premium version and solve this problem, and you get a mode version of this application soon.

So, you can use this another popular photo editing app on your mobile and PC.

Last Words

If you reach this section, I think you read this article until the end, and now you are ready to download logopit for pc. Keep in mind that logopit is very popular, and this application has lots of editing features that make this application popular and best. You can use logopit on your PC, Android, and iOS.

So, if you think that this article can provide you with all information about logopit for PC, do not forget to share this article. If possible, leave your valuable comment below.

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