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Paint Tool SAI is the name of high quality and light software which is easily downloaded and provides fully digitizer support, amazing anti-aliased paintings, and provide easy and stable operations which make your computer drawing easy and stable.

If you love painting and due to computer or PC you not able to do your drawing then this application makes your drawing easy and wonderful through the help of this software.

General Information of Paint Tool SAI

Name of applicationPaint Tool SAI
File Name of APKsai-1.2.5-ful-en.exe
MD5 checksumB8CE1ED518A516BF2884D7E0FAEDAE3A
File Size2.36 MB
LicenseFree (in trail period)
Supported OSWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Author of AppSYSTEMAX Inc

What is Paint Tool SAI?

Paint Tool SAI is just a graphic design software that is a powerful application that helps you to draw and use it according to your need then click on the link given in this article and try to download this application.

In more simple words we can say that this is an application which you can use for graphic design, the features of this software are very high but it is light in weight.

If your device is touchscreen then this application enables you to draw with a digital pen. Lots of digital artists are using this application for lots of digital artwork like designing cartoons and anime.

Paint Tool SAI application is a standalone program that gives lots of features that help users to create digital artworks, and if want to know more than read on.

Paint Tool SAI

Why Use Paint Tool SAI?

This is a famous application which works among all online artists communities, and one of the biggest region, why this application is so famous, is because it offers full digitized support.

The main point is,  Paint tool can work on windows, tablets, and mobile devices, and if your device is a screen touch then you can draw with your digital pen.

The way of drawing, interface, and the program of this tool makes the learning curve very easy and fun instead of a challenge for any non-techy person.

Paint Tool SAI application provides you tones of verity in pens, brushes, and effects which make your easy, and if you can imagine then you can create with the help of this application.

One another interesting point is this application has lots of features one of them is setting the pressure of the brush, yes you can adjust the pressure you want to create in your brush, so it responds differently when you touch your screen to draw.

Some interesting features which you need to known before download Paint tool SAI.

Finishing touch – when you complete your drawing or any artwork and you need to soften any hard edges of work then you can use this feature before saving your workpiece and make it more attractive.

Editing layers – you can add more than one layer and if after drawing you want to move the previous layer from one place to another place then also you can do this by just selecting the area of your artwork.

Easy to use – with lots of features this application is very easy to use, you can easily navigate your tools and functions you need and all this takes no time at all.

Export – This is another most demanding and important feature, through which you can export your work from PSD or BMP files which are a must to do when you want to take a printout of your work.

So, the main use of this application to create any artwork, if you want to create artwork like paintings, cartoons, animes then this application will be the best.

But the most important work for which lots of people are searching the application and that is photo editing. Yes, you can use this application for photo editing.

The best region why you must have to use this application for photo editing is you get lots of features and all are very easy to use.

Features of Paint Tool SAI.

Some features are explained above, but there are more features for which lots of people are paying and this application provide in free of cost, some of the main features are given below.

  • Fully digitizer support with pressure.
  • Amazing anti-aliased drawings.
  • Highly accurate composition.
  • A simple but powerful interface with lots of features and easy to learn and use for all types of people.
  • Data protection gurentee.

Try this application for Free

Paint Tool SAI is a great application that is very easy to download and easy to use. But unfortunately, you have to pay to use all the features of this application for a very long.

This means, if you want to do a drawing or any types of digital artwork then this application is very useful for you, but this application only gives you 31 days for a free trial where you can use all their features, and after that, you have to buy the license for Paint Tool SAI software with a one-off purchase.

If you are a professional digital artwork, and if your main focus is drawing, painting, or any type of artwork then only it is recommended to buy the license of this application.

Because, if you need this application for just simple photo edit then you can use any free applications also.

Download Paint Tool SAI

This application is a very famous artwork tool in the market, and as I said earlier this tool is paid tool.

So, when you try to buy this tool then automatically this tool provides you 31 days free trial period. If you want to use this application free then when your 31 days are completed you can stop your account.

You can use this software fully with all features for 31 days in their free trial and when 31 days trial period is expired then this application automatically delete all your open and save files and functions immediately and if you want to continue with this application then it is important to buy this software license before 31 days.

Step – 1 – You can download this application by just clicking on the link and as you click the download will start and the file will save in the download folder of “My computer”.

Step – 2 – But, before downloading this software, you should accept this license agreement which you get with the link and when you accept the license agreement then you can use the link for download.

Learn how to download more clearly through the video

Watch the video to download Paint Tool SAI for free

Important Caution before download.

Paint Tool SAI application says that the software requires basic knowledge about windows operation. This means if you know the points like –

  • Concepts and fundamentals of file downloading by the web browser.
  • concepts and fundamentals for file and folder management.
  • Concepts and fundamentals for windows application.

This app says that they do not give any support for basic knowledge about windows operations or download. They recommend that if you don’t know the basics about windows operations then please not download this software.

So, if you think that you have proper knowledge about this application and you can use this application according to your need then this is the best application and you must have to download it for a trial period and if this application seems useful for you then buy the whole license agreement.

Learn How to Use Paint Tool SAI – Paint Tool SAI Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how you can use this software in the best way.

Alternatives of Paint Tool SAI

There are lots of alternatives to this tool if you need to know about some more applications for this same work then some of them are given below which you can use according to your need.


Alternative of Paint Tool SAI

This is the name of the alternative application for Paint Tool SAI. You get all detail and quality in your work with this application also and you get different brushes and textures, including packs made by other artists.

Corel Painter.

Alternative of Paint Tool SAI

This is the name of another alternative application and this is also great for those who just getting started in digital art, as well as experienced amateurs and professionals.

Like SAI this application also provides you a smooth experience and gives you lots of features and functions which make your work remarkable.

Adobe Illustrator.

Alternative of Paint Tool SAI

The name Adobe is enough in the editing industry, many artists require full site features and this is the reason when it comes to vector drawing, this application helps you to achieve a professional level very fast.

This application includes many types of brushes, gradients, filters, effects that help you to achieve the finished product which you imagine and this application is one of the top competitors of this application.

Other alternatives are also available like – GIMP and but all the above applications are the top competitors and best in the market for your business.

If you need an application for painting or any type of digital artwork then you must have to choose one of the above applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much does Paint Tool SAI cost?

This is one of the best applications for digital artwork and this application offers only enterprise pricing licenses to its users. So, the price of this license is $50.81 each, and you can buy as many licenses as you need.

  • Can you get Paint Tool SAI for Free?

This application is a paid application, so there is no question about free but you can do a scam according to your mind and get it for free.

But, if we talk about the company then you get 31 days free trial in which you can use all the features of this application and use this app according to your need, but as soon as 31 days time period is complete you need to buy a license and this tool is close immediately.

  • Is Paint Tool SAI monthly?

This tool is free for one month and after one month you can buy a whole license by giving a one-time payment.

  • Is Paint Tool SAI worth it?

This application is very famous and widely used by lots of casuals and professionals peoples. This application is worth it but only when you are using this professionally.

This means, after investing money in this application you can able to get your return then only your investment is worth with this application otherwise not.

  • Does Paint Tool SAI have viruses?

There is a simple answer to this question and that is No. SAI is tested clean in all tests and you can trust this application by tieing a blindfold in your eyes.

Last Words

If you reach this section then I think you read the whole article carefully and you understand the need for Paint Tool SAI and many more.

Above I give full information on this application and how you can use this application for your need. I try to give answers to questions like – who can use this application, the price of this application, features, and many more points.

If you read and understand all the points and if you get all the points and think that this article is best then do not forget to share this article and if possible then leave a comment below.

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