Pokemon Battle Revolution Rom Free Download (100% Working) Wii ROM

Download Pokemon Battle Revolution, this is one of the best pokemon game for Nintendo Wii, Pokemon Battle Revolution ROM is available for free 100% working in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, follow the article and get pokemon battle revolution rom
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Pokemon Battle Revolution is the first Pokemon game that launched for the Wii game console set up.

This is one of the best-selling Pokemon PlayStation games by Nintendo company.

This game is also the first Wii game that uses a Nintendo wifi connection and the second Wii game for a Nintendo handheld set.

If you are a fan of the Pokemon series, this game is for you, and you must have to download this game from the link given.

For more information, stick with this article until the end and download the Pokemon Battle Revolution with some essential steps.

General Information of Pokemon Battle Revolution Rom

Real NamePokemon Battle Revolution
Name of ConsoleNintendo Wii
PublisherNintendo & The Pokemon Company
GenreFighting & Adventure
Size230 KB

Pokemon Battle Revolution

Pokemon Battle Revolution

In this game, you get a Pokemon-themed park where you get eleven colosseums, and that particular park is known as Poketopia; the whole game is played in that special theme Pokemon park.

In this game, you also get special features like stadiums with your ability, like some stadiums have features where your Pokemons order is changed automatically.

In Pokemon Battle Revolution game, you also get different types of stadiums for different Pokemons; some other features and effects choose the order of opponents Pokemon.

You can also set some limitations on your opponent in the game and get some other game features.

The gameplay of Pokemon battle revolution

Gameplay is one of the important factors which make the game best.

Pokemon Battle Revolution Gameplay photo

This game is played in a theme park where you get some stadiums and Pokemons; you have to catch them and fight with other opponents in that park’s stadium.

More clearly, this game start from a park where you and some other players are stuck, and their main aim to caught Pokemons in that park and use those Pokemons in the park’s stadium.

There are some rules to play this game as win the Pokemon fight, and you get eleven colosseums, each with a special ability and some special changes.

Pokemon attacks are more diverse in this game, and you can observe a better view on the screen. Pokemon acquire their animation for most of the moves, and you enjoy in attack and defend both in the game.

In the previous Pokemon game console game, you see an attack of the first Pokemon and then cut, and another Pokemon how to react to that attack.

But in this game, your enjoyment becomes double because, in this game, you get a full view without a cut.

This makes the gameplay more interesting and full of excitement and enjoyment.

Now, if you want to play this game, then read the download steps given below.

Story of Pokemon battle revolution

Pokemon Battle Revolution pics

As we all know, in each Pokemon game, you get some exciting story that makes the game more interesting.

Similarly, you get a small but good story in this battle revolution, and the story is given below.

This game starts when lots of Pokemon trainers are caught in a Pokemon theme park, and in this park, you get lots of Pokemon of different spices with different powers.

All the trainers have to catch different Pokemons in their Pokeball, and in that theme park, you get lots of pokemon fight stadiums; all stadiums have a different theme, different features.

Some stadiums are made favorable for grass-type Pokemon, and some stadiums are favorable for fire-type Pokemon. Trainer has to use their mind to win most of the matches in these different stadiums.

If you also want to win these pokemon matches exactly like Ash, then this game is exactly for you; just use your mind and frequently change and use different types of Pokemon and try to win most of the stadium fights in this game and you become the winner of this match.

How to Download Pokemon Battle Revolution

If you want to download this game on your PC and android device, you are in the right place, and you just have to follow some simple steps given below.

But before you download this pokemon revolution rom, you must understand that this game is made for the Game console. As I said earlier, this game is the first Wii game for Nintendo game consoles. This game is also one of the first games you can play wireless.

This game is one of the best games but not for PC and android, but you can download and play with the help of an emulator.

An emulator is nothing, just an application that you can download on your PC and run any other device file without any problem.
So, if you download an emulator on your PC and run this game on your PC with an emulator’s help, you can enjoy it.

If you not want to read steps then you can watch this video for fast and best understanding.

How to install this pokemon battle revolution on PC.

If you want to download this game on your PC, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Click on the link given below and download Pokemon Battle Revolution Rom on PC.

Step 2: Click the link given below and download the emulator to run this apk on PC.

Step 3: Visit the download section of your PC and open the emulator, and follow on-screen instructions to install this emulator on your PC.

Step 4: Open this emulator and in my files section, click on the file and choose the option of “Choose Rom” and choose the rom from the download section.

Step 5: When you follow all the download steps properly, you can play this game according to your need.

How to Download Pokemon Battle Revolution on your Android Device.

Your Android device is your mobile phone, and if you want to download this apk on your PC, then follow the on-screen instructions given below.

Step 1: Click the link given below and download this rom file on your device.

Step 2: Click the link given on this webpage and download the emulator to run this apk on your phone.

Step 3: After downloading, visit the download section and enable the unknown sources in the security section.

Step 4: Visit the file manager section and double click on the emulator file; you get the option of install.

Step 5: When the emulator will install, then open this, go to the file section, and choose to open the rom.

Step 6: If you follow all the above steps clearly, you must play this game on your PC according to your need.

Last Words

If you reach this section, you read all the above steps, and now you are ready to download and use this apk on your PC and android device.

Above, you get to know the story behind which this pokemon game will start, some gameplay, and features that make this game more interesting.

But if you follow all the steps given above, you can download this game on your PC and Android, which makes the game more interesting.

So, if you think this article is helpful to download pokemon Battle Revolution ROM then, do not forget to share this article and then leave your valuable comment below this article.

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