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Pokemon Black is a PlayStation game that you can Download Pokemon Black ROM on your PC, and mobile, by downloading this file of game from No1apk. This is one of the popular ROM or a play station game which you can play in your any device like mobile, PC, tablet, which is known as Pokemon Black Rom. 

Download Pokemon Black ROM game, and with the help of given instructions you can play this game in your pc as well as in android, so stick with us and read about Pokemon Black Download APK/ROM for free Nintendo DS (NDS).

This game is the 14th anime Pokemon season-based game, and in the 90s, people love this game like a craze, and everybody wants to know about this game. 

So, if you want to play this game in 20s in your pc with new story and latest features then download Pokemon Black Rom from below link.

General Information of Pokemon Black Rom

Real NamePokemon Black Rom
For PlatformNintendo DS emulator (download emulator)
PlayersFor 1 to 4 players
ConnectivityGame Freak
PublisherNintendo & The Pokemon Company
Part of Generation V core series

Pokemon Black Rom

Pokemon Black Rom

Rom means a file through which you can play a PlayStation game. 

In simple words, if you want to enjoy some PlayStation games on your PC, you have to download the rom of that game, and then you have to run those rom through an emulator and play this game on your PC or any other device. 

So, download Pokemon Black ROM from this article and we also provide you emulator which helps you to run this game in any of your device.

Now, Pokemon Black is just a sequel to the pokemon game developed by Game Freak company, and Nintendo and The Pokemon Company publish this game. 

As we know Nintendo company release lots of video games on pokemon series and currently also this company is working on pokemon video games, but this Pokemon Black Rom game is the first installment in the fifth generation of the Pokemon video game series. 

This game is first released in Japan on 18th September 2010, and they were later released in Europe, North America, and Australia. 

Today this game has become very popular, and after so many years, the fan following of this game is the same, and today also want to play this game.

This article is for pokemon fans to download Pokemon Black APK or ROM in Phone and PC. 

All the features, and important questions, gameplay and how to download Pokemon Black Rom for free is given below in step-by-step process in this article.

Not Forget to Check the Trailer of Pokemon Black, then Download Pokemon Black Apk/ROM

Features of Pokemon Black

This Pokemon Black and the white game has all previous generation features such as day, time, Abilities, and the split between Physical and Special Moves. 

You also get higher-level 3D graphics and creative camera angles; these improved graphics make the battle scene more attractive and enjoyable. 

Below you get a small list of features that show you why this game is one of the best in all Pokemon games. 

Table to Features which you get when you download Pokemon Black Rom for Free.

C-GearThis feature help players to use certain multiplayer functions while they are anywhere in the game world
Pokemon Global LinkThis feature allow player to upload their saved files and access the exact time where you leave or delete previous game
Pokemon Dream WorldDue to this feature which you can meet lots of new pokemon, for interesting gameplay.
EntralinkThrough this feature it become possible to travel through Unova with other players and battles.
Pokemon MusicalDue to this feature you can dress up your pokemon and trainer
SeasonsThis feature make this game more interesting because you observe changing seasons in this game.
Triple BattlesThis is another best feature
three pokemons can fight each other.

Below we explain about all features in detail, if you don’t want to download then read all features.


This is a feature in this game through which players allows to use certain multiplayer functions while anywhere in the game world. 

Due to this C-Gear feature, you can see the current time in 12-hour format, which means you see the time display 0 hours, rather than 12, in-game. 

Due to this feature, you can use play this game in multiplayer and use Xtransceiver and another voice app to talk to other online players.

Pokemon Global Link

This feature allows players to upload their saved files to the Pokemon Global Link website to access the Pokemon Dream World. This game has become more attractive due to this feature because you can visit Pokemon Center and meet with new people (online players) and can battle with them and win lots of rewards. 

The Global Link was also where the players could download exclusive content, including C-Gear and Pokedex skins and additional Pokemon Musical songs. All this makes the game more exciting, and you can enjoy this game.

Pokemon Dream World.

The Pokemon Dream World was a unique feature of Generation V games operated via the website Pokemon-GL. 

With this feature, you can meet lots of new Pokemon, which makes this game more interesting. 

All the pokeoms available in the dream world have some hidden abilities, which can only be obtained via unique means. 


The Entralink is a new feature in Pokemon Black, and White and this feature allow you to contact other players over wireless. 

If you love to play a multiplayer game, this is game has become one of the best game games for you. You can’t ignore this because it is possible to travel through Unova with other players and battle, trade, and perform various multiplayer sidequests through this feature. 

Pokemon Musical

This feature makes this game more interesting, and you can enjoy this game more if you focus on this feature. 

Due to this feature, you can trainer have to dress up their Pokemon with different accessories, and you make your Pokemon more attractive. 


This is another feature that helps make this game more interesting; the season is just like a look at the game, which changes every month, thus completing three cycles per year. 

With this feature, you get aesthetic changes in the region, and some changes with the Pokemon find this game world. 

This feature affects the life of Pokemon, Trainer, Player in the game, means in winter, the night is from 19:00 to 6:59, but in summer same night is from 21:00 to 3:59. 

Triple Battles.

This is another best feature that makes this game more exciting, and you can enjoy this game. 

In this feature, each Pokemon on each side are sent out at once, and all three pokemon fight with each other; the two nearby pokemon attacks each other, and Pokemon can attack both. 

Now, these particular types of battles make this game more interesting. 

You also get lots of other features, but they are not important, so they are not considered in this small list of features.

The gameplay of Pokemon Black

Pokemon Gameplay

Pokemon Black and White are role-playing video games with adventure elements, presented in third-person, overhead perspectives. 

This game has three main screens: an overworld – to navigate the main character, a battle screen, where players see their Pokemon and their opponent pokemon to make battle strategy, and a menu screen player configure their party, items, and gameplay setting.

In this game, the player controls the pokemon trainer, and according to the order, the pokemon trainer controls the Pokemon. 

This game starts with single Pokemon, and as the game proceeds, you can be caught lots of Pokemon. 

Players control pokemon trainers and capture Pokemon using Poke Balls and later fight a battle with the help of this Pokemon and win points and rewards.

A player can carry only six Pokemon, and any trainer can participate in any battle only with six Pokemon. 

But in your PC profile network, a trainer can capture and carry 100s of Pokemon. Those PCs are found in certain buildings, which name is “Pokemon Centers.”

Those pokemon center trainers can heal their Pokemon and then change their Pokemon from their pokemon collection.

Any Pokemon can learn upto four moves: attacking moves, healing moves, and one inflict move for special conditions. 

All Pokemon has some special moves and some attack moves, normal attack moves reduce hit points (HP), but special attack moves are to win the match, in which your pokemon work on one move with full power to win the battle.

Pokemon Type

There are a total of seventeen types of Pokemon: Normal-type, Water-type, Grass-type, Fire Type, Electric-type, Ghost-type, Bug-type, Fighting-type, Ice-type, Steel-type, Rock-type, Poison-type, Psychic-type, Dark-type, Dragon-type, Ground-type, and Flying-type. 

Any player can carry more than one or two types of Pokemon. 

All the attacks and types are pre-design then also you can fight with any pokemon in your style. 

You have to make your strategy to win any pokemon fight; you have to understand which type of Pokemon survive in front of which types of Pokemon. 

Check the action of Pokemon Black Live – The video show you how to play this game in action.

Story of Pokemon Black

Pokemon Story

If you play PlayStation video games, I think you know how all the games are related to a perfect storyline.

Similarly, this game is also related based on a story about which I write below. 

So, like previous Pokemon games, this game also has a specific and linear storyline, in which the main event occurs in a fixed order, and you have to win obstacles to reach that main event. 

The story of this game is some teens start their journey from Unova island to become the best Pokemon master with one Pokemon.

At the beginning of this game, the players choose either Snivy, Tepif, or Oshawott as their starter Pokemon, which they get as a gift from Professor Juniper. 

All these teens also get their rivals in their journey, and those rivals are – Cheren and Bianca. 

In this journey, the player’s primary goal is to win eight pokemon gym badges of Unova and ultimately challenge the elite four Pokemon league and its champion to complete the main story. 

To make this game more interesting, players also meet with some antagonist force who want to abuse Pokemon, and players also have to fight with them in their journey.

What is the difference between Pokemon Black and Pokemon Black 2?

Yes! When you search about this game, you get lots of information about this game, and you have to understand that there are two types of games, Pokemon Black and Pokemon Black 2. 

Now, both games are vastly different, Black 2 takes two years to release after Pokemon Black, and the features are also different, but the island is the same, Unova.

But you get a new story and new characters in this Black two-game, and If you ask for my recommendation, then I say that if you never play any Pokemon PS game series, you must have to play Pokemon Black.

Pokemon Black gives you an excellent perspective about games, but if you are experienced, you have to choose Black 2 because this game fixes many of Black’s small problems. 

Pokemon Black or White, which is better?

This is one of the most asked questions, and lots of people ask this regularly. 

If you don’t know, then keep in mind that on the release date of Pokemon Black, there is another game also released by the same company, and that game is Pokemon White.

If you want to train your Pokemon and enjoy the Pokemon fight moments, you have to choose Pokemon Black.

But, if you want to catch more pokemon and want to know about pokemon moves and types and love to make your pokemon collection, you have to choose Pokemon White.

How to download Pokemon Black ROM

This game is one of the top and most like pokemon games; people of all ages love this game, and if you enjoy your 90s, you must play this game.

So, you can download Pokemon Black ROM free game in old as well as in new features without any problem by following some simple steps which given below.

Now, you can also enjoy this game without any problem, and for that, you have to just follow some simple steps and be able to download this game on your device.

Whether you want to enjoy this game on your PC or AndroidAndroid, you have to download an emulator to play this game on your device.

The emulator is nothing but a special application that you can use to run other device software on another device.

For example – with the help of a PC emulator, you can run PC software on your android device, but to play this game on your device, you need a PS emulator.

As we all know, Pokemon Black ROM is a PlayStation or GBA console game, so to play this game, you need a PS emulator which helps you to run this game on your PC and Android. 

All the important download link of Pokemon Black Rom for free and its best emulator which run this game for free is given below.

How to Install Pokemon Black game on your PC.

Below you will get how to download Pokemon black ROM for your AndroidAndroid. We will try to give you all the details and important steps to easily get and download this wonderful game. 

Step 1: Click the link given below and download Game Boy Emulator to run this game on your pc. 

Step 2 – Go to DeSmuMe emulator, which you just download and then go to configure section and visit frameskip and check 4 and uncheck Auto-minimize skipping and then check limited framrate, then go back and open this emulator.

Emulator Setting

Step 3 – Then visit to configure emulation setting and check dianamic recompiler and uncheck enable advance bus level timing. Configure > Emulation Setting, and check the option which shown in figure.

Step 3. to download pokemon black

Step 4: You also have to download a separate ROM file for a game boy emulator app, so click the link given below and download this game file. 

Step 5: Now, it’s time to run the game. You can do it very simply by launching the emulator app, opening the emulator app, and choosing the file or ROM of this game from the file section. 

You can run this game on your Android by following the same steps in your Android. 

Just add another step in which visit setting of your android mobile and before following any of the above steps open the unknown sources. 

Learn how to download this game with the help of this video,

Last Words

If you reach this section, then I think you read this article carefully, and now you are ready to download this Pokemon Black ROM game in free on your PC or Android device. 

If you want to play this game on your PC, just download the GameBoy emulator, and then you can run this game on your PC.  All the important links to download Pokemon Black Rom for Free and best emulator to run for free is given above.

Now, you do not have to phase any problem if you want to enjoy this game on your PC. 

If you think this article is helpful, then do not forget to share this article and leave your valuable comment below. 

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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

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