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Pokemon Platinum is a role play game released in 2008 by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokemon.

This game is developed for the Nintendo DS handheld game console set, but today this game console is not available.

If this console is available, it is expensive, and it is challenging to play this game on a console compared to mobile and PC.

If you want to know more about this and want to download this game on your device, all the steps with all necessary links are given below.

So, stick with this article until the end and get complete information about Pokemon Platinum.

General Information of Pokemon Platinum

Real NamePokemon Platinum
File Name3541 – Pokemon Platinum Version (US).zip
File Size20.8 MB
ConsoleNintendo DS (Download Emulator)
GenreAdventure & Role Playing game

Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Platinum

The Platinum version is one of the most popular and attractive Pokemon game in all pokemon game series.

This game released in 2008; this is one of the latest game in this Pokemon series. All age people love this game and want to play this game on their PC.

Developers’ intent in developing this game is to make a robust version of Pokemon diamond and pearl.

A platinum player can control a male or female character; this is a change, and you also get some different changes when you play this game.

According to the IGN ranking, Pokemon Pltanium is the ninth-best Pokemon game in all Nintendo game series.

This game records that this is the fastest-selling game in Japan; this game sold 7.2 million copies in 2010 worldwide.

Features of Pokemon Platinum

Below you get a small list of features which show you why this application is one of the best Pokemon game of the series.

WiFi Plaza

This is one of the latest features in which PlayerPlayer meet with lots of Pokemon species and allow up to 20 players at a time, to present in it.

Vs. Recorder

In this game, a player can play their battle online and with the help of this latest feature, they can record their match and watch it in future.

Global trade system.

This is another latest feature known as the global trade system (GTS); this feature allows players to trade anonymously worldwide.

If you play this game online, you can trade or exchange your items with others items around the world, making the game more entertaining.


This game is very similar to other Pokemon series games, but there are many changes in appearance.

When you start this Pokemon Platinum game, you observe some minor but notable changes and get some extra ability in Pokemons, making the battle more interesting.

Battle frontier

This is another best and latest feature introduce in Pokemon Platinum; actually, this feature was first introduced in Pokemon Emerald, but later this series take this feature and use it in a little advanced form.

Some latest features are – your PokemonPokemon get ribbons when they produce the best result or perform well in a fight.

You can baked goods like Poffins to feed to your PokemonPokemon, which help them learn some different traits.

The gameplay of Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Platinum gameplay

Pokemon Platinum is the best game because you get lots of Pokemons in this game, and this game is a role-playing video game with a combination of adventure.

Some basic gameplay information is identical in this Pokemon game, where like all other Pokemon game series, this game is also developed based on a third-party perspective.

Means player play this game as a third-party perspective and game consist three screens, first is field map, where PlayerPlayer navigate their main character and Pokemons, second is a battle screen, this screen comes in contact when Pokemon battle start, third is menu screen, this screen helps a player to change a game setting and playing according to need.

The PlayerPlayer began this game with one PokemonPokemon and with five pokeballs which help him to capture more Pokemons.

Yes, you can capture more than 5 Pokemon, but you can store only 6 Pokemon at a time in your project.

In this game, it is always advised to capture as much PokemonPokemon as possible to change your Pokemon’s according to match and make a better strategy.

When players start their match, they get one PokemonPokemon from a professor. After that, it is the players’ responsibility to capture more than five PokemonPokemon to participate in league matches.

When players encounter wild Pokemon or battle with a trainer, the screen change to a turn-based battle screen, and the PlayerPlayer can choose to move, use an item, or switch a Pokemon, which is the best way to win.

All PokemonPokemon has hit point or HP, in which the PlayerPlayer has to focus during battle.

HP is a hit point, which means if HP becomes zero, then PokemonPokemon cannot fight until you revive that Pokemon in Pokemon Health Care centre.

When you fight with any Pokemon, you try to choose the best moves and strategy to make their HP zero, and the Pokemon first reach zero HP, lose the match.

If you again want to use that Pokemon for a match or battle, you have to revive that PokemonPokemon, for which you have to visit the Pokemon health centre.

In the match player also has to focus on types of Pokemons; in this game, the player meets lots of Pokemons and capture most of them to keep himself ready for to next match.

But you also have to understand that fire type Pokemon is weak in Comparison to water type and grass type pokemon are weak in Comparison to fire type.

All this information and variety of Pokemons make your Pokemon world complete and make good sense of this adventure and action game.

Story of Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Platinum Story

The story of Pokemon Platinum is also straightforward and similar to other poker game stories.

In this game, you play with a third-party perspective and start a journey to be the best pokemon trainer.

This game starts with Sinnoh island, an icy region, and the grounds are covered with snow. Players and rivals were dressed according to the colder region.

This game has a similar story as pokemon diamond and pearl but in this new set of game players.

Those two characters are – Charon, a scientist in Team Galactic, and the other being a detective investigating Team Galactic under the codename “Looker”.

In this game, you are also a young Pokemon trainer who wants to be the best in this world and meet with your two new friends Charon and Looker.

Like Diamond and Pearl, you get your starter Pokemon from a professor in this journey, Grass-type Turtwig, the Fire-type Chimchar, and the Water-type, Piplup.

How to download Pokemon Platinum.

If you want to download this game on your device, you want some particular file and application discussed in detail.

This game is a series of Pokemon games that take the video game market to peak in the early 20s.

A Nintendo company develops this game for Nintendo DS, but today, you do not get this device as much as before.

If you want to play this game on your PC or Android device, you need to follow some simple steps below.

As you read a word, ROM – this is a particular file of the game which you need to download on your device in which you want to play this game.

This ROM is a game file in which the emulator read and run this game on your PC and Android.

An emulator is nothing, just an application that helps to run another device softwares on another device.

So, if you want to run this game on your PC, you need to download an emulator and rom file of Pokemon Platinum, and all are given below.

How to install Pokemon Platinum on PC.

If you want to download or run this game on your PC, follow some simple steps.

Step 1: Click the link given below and download an emulator on your PC.

Step 2: Click the link given below and download the emulator for Pokemon Platinum.

Step 3 – visit the computer’s download section and extract both the file you just download.

Step 4: Create a shortcut of an emulator and double click after extract on the emulator file to open it on PC and visit the file section.

Open Rom section of Emulator

Step 5 – visit the emulator’s file section, choose the first option, open the ROM file, and choose the ROM file from the computer.

Choose Pokemon Platinum rom

Step 6 – when you choose the ROM file, the game will open, and now you can play this game according to your need.

Play Pokemon Platinum

Note – if you get any error or want to change any gameplay setting, you need to visit the configure section in the emulator.

You can learn how to download Pokemon Platinum from the video given below.

How to install Pokemon Platinum on Android.

If you want to play this game on your Android device, follow some simple steps.

Step 1: Click the link given in this webpage and download the ROM file of Pokemon Platinum.

Step 2: Click the link given in this webpage and download an emulator for Pokemon Platinum.

Step 3 – visit file manager of mobile and extract or unzip both the file.

Step 4 – visit the mobile setting, and under the security section, enable the unknown sources.

Step 5 – open the emulator on your mobile and visit the file section to open the ROM file of Pokemon Platinum which you download in step 1.

Step 6 – now, if you follow all the above steps, then play this game on your Android according to your need.

If you get any error in following the above process, then download the RAR application from the Google play store and use it.

Last words

If you reach this section then I think you read this article carefully until the end and now you are ready to download Pokemon Platanium game in your PC and android.

As this is a GBA game, so you need an ROM file as well as an emulator to run this application in your PC and to do that you get all the important links and important steps in this article above.

So, if you think that this article is helpful and you get all the important information regarding Pokemon Platanium then not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below this article.

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