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If you are a student or a teacher and want to learn online, you may know about Unaccademy App.

You are in this article means you want to download Unaaademy App for PC, but it may be possible that you have some queries in your mind.

So, I am using Unaccademy for a very long time, and you can trust me to get all your answers on this particular topic.

Before we talk about any queries about Academy, I want to clarify that you get complete detail on what is unaccademy, how you can use this application, where you should use this application, and how you can download it on your PC.

For better understanding, this article is designed so that you get your heading in the content table, so if you are in a hurry, choose your title according to that table.

General Information for Unacademy App for PC.

Application Real NameUnacademy App
Best Android Emulator for thisBluestacks & Nox App Player
Operating System needWindows 7,8,10, or MAC
App Size30.2 MB
App CategoryEducation
App UpdatedMay 6th 2020.

Unacademy App

Unacademy Logo in PC

In today’s world, when everybody is locked inside their room due to coronavirus, we need an application that helps you grow.

This is an application that helps you to grow by learning new things and new skills.

Unacademy is not just a learning app, and today this app has become a brand that is competing with coaching institutes and schools.

If you are confused about your education, and who teaches you?

Then don’t worry, the person who becomes a teacher in Unaccademy gives proper exam for selection, and they are top educators in their fields.

If you use this learning application, you get knowledge from top persons in your desired subjects and even prepare for any exams at your specific time.

This app is currently using by over 10 million students, and this app has become a primary source of learning for thousands of students on different topics.

Content on this app is rated five stars and helps you prepare for school-level exams and competitive examinations like – GRE, UPSC, CAT, JEE, NEET, SSC, and many more.

If you want to learn some skills like Tally, DCA, ADCA, C, C++, any other computer language, English, Spanish, another human language, you can also use this application.

If you not able to understand what is Unacademy then watch this video.

Full Video About Unacademy

Features of Unacademy App

Features of Unacademy App
Read Features of Unacademy App

I think you know about Unacademy and for what region you can use this application, but before using this, you have to understand some features of this app.

Below you get a small list of features which make this app one of the essential and favorite learning application of the market.

⦁          This app provides your performance statistics, through which you can make clear how you have to prepare to reach your goal.

⦁          You get 14K+ Top certified educators in specialized fields. This amount is one of the highest amounts in online learning.

⦁          You get interactive live classes from your favorite educator.

⦁          1M+ video lessons, if you cannot join live classes, you can choose offline videos, and there are more than ten lakhs of offline videos on a different topic that explain everything in detail.

⦁          Preparations for competitive exams when you have time.

⦁          Stream video courses or download for offline use when you want.

⦁          If you are an expert in any topic, then you get the opportunity to work as an educator and get paid.

⦁          You will receive special notes on your Topics from Educators.

⦁          You can also subscribe to Unacademy Plus membership, and this gives you more benefits for studies.

⦁          12+ Languages, if English is your problem, then you can choose any other language.

Requirements for Unacademy App on PC.

Before we talk about how to download this app on your PC, it is essential to check whether it is necessary or not.

Talking about the Unacademy App for windows, you need an email to signup with your email address and mobile number to start your study.

But, you need a few more things on your computer to run this app properly, and all the requirements you need are given below.

  • Enough Space.

This app is constantly uploading videos, and you don’t know how many videos you want to learn your skill, and for this, you need enough space.

So, make sure you have atleast 2GB of free space in your Hard Disk. This is not necessary but important for smooth running and that much you can manage in your PC.

  • Minimum Ram.

To run any application properly on a PC, you need enough RAM, which makes it an essential requirement for the smooth functioning of the Unacademy App on your PC.

  • Windows Version more than 7

According to this article, if you want to proceed with the installation process, you have to run this application on Windows 7 or higher.

  • Internet Connectivity.

This app required the internet to run live classes, download necessary lectures, and many more.

  • Premium Account.

This app provides a free version, but you need a Premium Account to get all the features, and if you need some best use, you need Premium Account.

  • Download Emulator.

If all the needs are satisfied, then this is one of the most critical needs. You need an Emulator to run this app on your PC.

So, if all the requirements are met and ready, you can now read-on and follow steps for installing the Unacademy App on your PC (Windows or MAC).

How to Install Unacademy App for PC

No matter what you are using, Windows or MAC, you can use this application.

But the truth is this application is not available for PC.

Unacademy is an android application.

But using the Unacademy on your PC gives you absolutely no changes when compared to the Android version.

Yes! I know your friend is using this application on his computer, but you have to learn how to install it for this.

Unacademy is not a specific size app, and their size varies because lots of chances done on daily basis.

So, if you think you download Unacademy APK and then follow the screen to install this and use this app.

But, this is not going to happen.

You need an emulator to run this app on your PC.


The Emulator is an application that helps to run android app on PC and PC software on Android.

Mainly there are two emulators which are very popular to use the android app on PC are –

  • Bluestacks
  • Nox player

Both are lightweight Android Emulator, which help to run any Android application on your PC.

Nox Player is a more size application than Bluestacks; this is the region I prefer Bluestacks over Nox.

But you can choose any emulator according to your choice.

Requirement for NoxPlayer

Nox Player

There are a small requirement before downloading NoxPlayer Emulator on your PC are –

  • Your computer Operating System must tell me – Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, or Vista.
  • Your computer Processor must be – Dual Core AMD or Intel CPU.
  • Your computer Memory must be – 1.5 GB Ram or 4 GB Ram.
  • Make Storage of computer free up to 1 GB.

If you want to choose NoxPlayer Android Emulator, then you need all the above points on your computer.

I think now you understand why to use BlueStacks.

So, before downloading Unacademy, you have to download any of the emulators on the computer, and then you can use Unacademy on your PC.

Below, you get some simple steps to download Emulators and run Unacademy on your PC.

Install Unacademy on PC using BlueStacks.

Step 1 – Click on the link and download BlueStacks on your PC (Windows/MAC) from the link given below.

Step 2 – When you click on the link, then BlueStacks start downloading your PC, and after that, it will launch a setup wizard on your screen. So, follow on-screen instructions, and installation will be done in a few minutes.

Now, your Emulator is downloaded, and if you follow on-screen instructions carefully, then everything is done, and now follow the steps to get Unacademy.

Step 3 – Once it is installed. Click on the BlueStacks icon on your desktop and launch this Emulator. Once you found it, then click the “My Apps” button in the Emulator.

Step 4 – Open Google Play Store on your PC and Type “Unacademy” in the search box.

Note: Open Google Play on Bluestacks, for which you have to log in to your Google account in Bluestacks.

Step 5 – Find the original Unacademy app from the search result and click on Install.

Step 6 – In a few seconds, Unacademy will install on your PC (Windows/Max).

Step 7 – If you cannot download or search for Unacademy, you get the link to the Unacademy app in starting this article (Just after the first table).

Step 8 – After a successful download of the Unacademy app, click on the unacademy icon from the BlueStacks home screen and start using it.

Note: If you have a LOADING issue with BlueStacks software, install the Microsoft.net Framework software on your PC or Comment on your problem.

You can also watch video to download Unacademy in your PC

Install Unacademy App on PC using NoxPlayer.

If you do not like the above method, you can use another form or another emulator to download this app on your PC (Windows/Mac), and for this, follow the steps.

Step 1 – Install NoxPlayer Android Emulator on your PC (Windows/Mac)

Step 2 – To install, click on the link given below; when you click on the link, NoxPlayer will start downloading.

Step 3 – After downloading NoxPlayer, open it and follow on-screen instructions to step-up this application.

Step 4 – When Nox is set up, you log in with your Google account and open Google Play Store.

Step 5 – Search for “Unacademy” in the search box, find the original app from the search result, and then click on Install.

Step 6 – After installation, click on Unacademy from the home screen and use it.

Step 7 – You can also click on the close button when everything is complete and after that, click on the NoxPlayer icon from your home screen; and after that, click on the Unacademy app icon and use it.

Note: If you have a LOADING issue with BlueStacks software, install the Microsoft.net Framework software on your PC or Comment on your problem.

How do I download Unacademy lectures or videos for free on PC?

Yes you can download Unacademy videos for free of cost and for which you need to follow some steps which given below.

To download unacademy videos for free on windows, follow some steps given below.

Step 1 – Firstly, download the Internet Download Manager on your pc from the given link.

Step 2 – After download, follow on-screen instructions to install this application on your PC.

Step 3 – Now, you need to install the IDM extension on your browser.

Step 4 – Now, Open the options section of IDM.

Step 5 – When the new window opens, then uncheck the “Use advanced browser integration” option. After that, click on OK and select the No vote.

Step 6 – Now reopen IDM and check the “Use advance browser integration” option.

Step 7 – Now open Unacademy and play the video you want to download, and you able to see the option of download on your top-right corner.

Step 8 – When you click on the top-right corner download option, that video can see pop up, and downloading will start.

Now, wait for some minutes, and the video will offline be downloaded on your PC and you can watch them whenever you want.

So, all the above are very easy to download unacademy videos on your PC.

How to Use Unacademy.

Unacademy is an android app, and that’s why some photos you see below are taken from mobile.

Before downloading this app, you have seen the Unacademy YouTube channel, where only some of the videos get uploaded.

So, you have to follow the steps given above and download the Unacademy app for PC or Android and then sign up first and select the test you want to prepare.

After that will be a very smooth process of learning which is given below step by stepwise.

Step 1 – Open the Uunacademy app after signup.

When you Open

Step 2 – Click on the “Explore” button, and you will see the screen given below.

When you click explore Button of Unacademy

Step 3 – Click on the search bar and write anything which you want to learn.

Unacademy Search for Course

Step 4 – You get lots of videos of different educators, choose anyone and check you love their video or not.

Unacademy Use

Enjoy your Unacadmy and learn anything and anywhere, but you get notification of Unacademy Plus, and I put my point of view on this topic. 

How you can use Unacademy Plus.

Unacademy Plus
Choose Unacademy Plus

This is one of the essential questions asked by lots of people.

And that’s why I enroll in Rs.1 course to understand why to join this course, and after that, I know some points, and I am also a very long player of this competitive examinations, and now I can give you a full review of this Plus subscription.

Before joining Unacademy Plus membership, I want to say that all these topics are freely available on Unacademy itself.

Yes! If you search with patience, you get lots of videos free of cost and the same video in price, all in the Unacademy app.

On the other hand, if you search with patience, you get lots of YouTube videos better than this paid Plus subscription of the Unacademy app.

Instead of all these useless topics like 100 MCQs, 200 hot issues, if they bring some courses like data analysis, programming, and science, this will help anyone get some skill or a job, a true educational revolution.

Guide for Unacademy Plus

Guide to Use Unacademy

Unacademy Alternatives.

There are some applications which you can use on the place of Unacademy.

This is also important to keep your eyes open in search of the best.

When you choose any school or coaching, then you compare the best, then why not consider this app as a coaching institute.

Below, you get some names of popular learning apps, and why they are best, you can consider them and choose the best learning application according to your need.

BYJU’s App

This Unacademy alternative is one of the world’s largest learning apps, with over 50 million downloads.

This app is mainly famous for Indian school students because it provides explicitly comprehensive science and math courses for students between the 4th and 12th classes.

If you are searching for an app that gives you classes of Science and Maths for the student between 4th to 12th classes, this app is best for you.

With BYJU’S app, you can also prepare for exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, e.t.c.

Grade Up

Gradeup App

This is another best alternative of this learning app; their main focus is competitive examinations and mostly competitive government examinations.

They also provide online live classes, downloads, notes, and mock tests and try to prepare you in the best way for your exam.

If you are searching for a government job, then Grade up is the best choice for you.

Toppr App

Toppr App

This is another best alternative, and this is the real competitor of Unacademy.

Both Topper and Unacademy target the same types of students who want to clear JEE, NEET, UPSC.

Yes! both apps also provide some other classes, but they are mainly known for these examinations.

The Topper is one of the popular learning apps for Indian students of classes 5 to 12. This platform is more beneficial for students of CBSE and ICSE who want study material.

If you also a school student and want study material to get more marks, then you must have to choose this application.

Last Words.

If you reach this section, then I think you read this article carefully, and now you understand how to use this application and why this application is so important nowadays and now you are ready for the Unacademy app for PC.

Some alternative apps are also given in this article; you must read them and choose the best learning application according to your need.

Unacademy Plus subscription truth is also described above; I hope that also helps you a lot.

If this article can understand all the process of downloading the Unacademy app for pc and all the queries related to this topic is also clear, then not forget to share this article and, if possible, then also give your valuable comment below this article.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

If you still have some queries related to this article, then read some questions, which may come to your mind, and these answers make your mind free from all types of confusion.

Is it Safe to use Unacademy App on PC?

Yes! It is entirely risk-free and safe; you can use it according to your need. This app is India’s largest learning Platform.

Can I use Unacademy for free on PC?

Anybody can sign up for Unacademy and use it as an educator or student, but there are some courses for which you have to subscribe with unacademy plus membership.

How to update the Unacademy App on PC?

Yes! You have to keep this app update when needed, and you get a notification about the update; and you can do this manually by going into the Google Play Store through your Emulator and choose the option of update.

Is it necessary to use Nox Player for the installation of the Unacademy App?

Nox player is an excellent Android emulator through which you can use the android app on your PC, but this is not necessary to use only this Emulator.

If you found another Emulator easy and best, then you can use that Emulator also. You get the download and install process with two different Emulators in this article.

Is the Unacademy app available for PC?

Unacademy is not PC software. This is an android application. But you can use this application on your PC with the help of Emulator, and the process of doing this is available in this article.

How do I install the Unacademy app on my computer?

To install the unacademy app on your computer then you have to follow some steps given below.

Step 1 – Download any emulator and install it on your computer.
Step 2 – After download, open that Emulator as ‘Administrator’ on your PC and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Emulator.
Step 3 – Once the setup is completed, open Google Play Store in the Emulator.
Step 4 – Search for this app and click on Install.
 Step 5 – Open that Emulator and click on the Unacademy app and use this app when you want.

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