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Windows8 is Home launcher application which tries to provide Windows8 like experience on your android device.
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16th June 2016
Android - 4.1 or more
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You want to see your android device in a windows 8 format.

You want a premium look on your android device.

Then your choice for windows 8 launcher in your android device is the best choice, and you are in the right place.

This is where you get the latest version of the windows eight launcher apk for your android device.

But this is not the end.

You also get some full tutorial in both written and video format.

You can trust this site and choose any apk to modify your PC and Android look.

If you are in a hurry, click on the link to say, “Download Windows 8 android apk”.

If you want some tutorial and some other interesting information about this application, then just read on.

General Information of Windows 8 Launcher Apk

Real NameWindows 8
DeveloperCM Launcher Themes

Windows 8 launcher apk

Windows 8 android logo

So, if you think about this application, then chances are you may hear or notice some windows device and its look.

No doubt, that windows device has some premium and first-class look like – real-time updating titles on the screen, the style of showing other apps.

So, it is clear that the windows look more professional and premium than the windows look.

If you want to use this look on your android device, you do not need money.

You just need an application, and you get that free of cost through this website.

But there are so many awesome windows 8 launcher apks are available in the market.

If you need the latest version and launcher apk with some cool and great features with protag, you must download the apk from this site.

What is a launcher?

When you visit this page.

Then, with some features, you notice one word, which is “launcher”.

If you are a beginner and not understand what this is –

Launcher is the name given to the Android user interface that lets users customize the home screen, use applications, and do some other tasks.

But, the launcher is not only a part of android.

Today, there are lots of application which you can download from third-party and can use that app to modify your mobile.

What is the use of any Launcher apk?

Before you download this app or any type of launcher application, this is one of the most important questions you need to ask.

Launcher is a set of code or an application, which you need to modify your android device.

Launcher is also known as a home-screen replacement app that modifies your phone’s operating system’s software design and features.

If you want to modify the home screen look and style of your android device, you need a launcher apk.

But keep in mind that the launcher is not just an apk you download; the launcher is also a term known as a part of the android system, which helps to perform some important task of your android device.

Is the launcher safe for your android?

Now when you want to change your android device look and from all the above information, chances are this question may arise in your mind.

So, you can use any launcher in your android. Yes! It is safe.

Any customs or third-party launcher doesn’t override the native OS in any unsafe way.

It is just a normal app that happens to respond to the phone’s Home button.

When you download and properly install this application on your android device, you just press the home screen and observe some great changes.

In short, if you need some windows to look in your android device, then just download this application which is known as a launcher, and this is safe to use.

Features of Windows 8 for android apk.

Windows 8 android apk photo

As I said that, this apk is known as a launcher, and this apk has some more cool and great features.

Below you get a small list of features through which you able to understand why this apk is best for your device.

  • You can simply change the size of tiles from this windows 8 launcher for android.
  • You get some custom widgets like live pictures from Gallery, Torch, Live Contacts on the home screen, live, Time, e.t.c.
  • You get a wonderful premium and custom lock screen, and you enjoy the latest look screen features with this app.
  • You can choose a lock and hide folder with a password with the help of this apk.
  • Custome Themes collection and different themes in this app give you a more wonderful look, and you love to use this old phone.
  • You get wallpapers inbuilt to forget the cool looks and feelings on the home screen.

How to download Windows 8 android Apk

Windows 8 android apk

If you like this application and want to download these Windows 8 and android apk on your device, you are in the right place and get all the mod features if you follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click the link “Download Windows 8 android apk ” above and download this apk.

If you want this launcher without a mod version, you can visit Google Play Store and download it.

Step 2 – When this apk is downloaded, then visit the setting section of your mobile and unlock or check the option of “From Unknown Sources.”

Step 3: When you can do this, you can play this game on your android phone when you want.

If you want to download this game on your iOS

The steps are the same for iOS users, and if you want without mod version, you have to search this application in App Store.

You can watch video to understand how to download windows 8 android apk

How to Download Windows 8 android apk on PC

If you want to download this launcher apk on your PC, you must understand that it is not made for PC.

This means windows 8 is a operating system for any PC.

By the way, yes! You can use this apk on your PC with an emulator’s help, but this does not make any sense.

If you want to download this on your PC, then you have to change your Operating system.

In short, when you delete the current operating system like – Windows 7, 10, or any. Then only you can use this windows 8 on your PC.

So, now I think you understand why this application is just for android and one of the best applications to observe some premium feature of windows in android free of cost.

Alternatives of Windows 8 for android apk launcher.

There are lots of apks that you can use to download as an alternative to this application.

If you want to know about some applications that are the same as Windows 8 for android launcher apk, just read on.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

This is a launcher apk for your android, which provides you with a new home screen experience that empowers you to be more productive on your android device.

Microsoft Launcher works on the same principle and highly customizable and allow you to organize everything on your phone.

Your personalized feed makes it easy to view your calendar, to-do lists, and many other features.

The version of the Microsoft launcher has been rebuilt on a new codebase to make new features possible, including dark mode, personalized news, and numerous performances.

Launcher for Android

Launcher for Android photo

This is another launcher that is the same as other launchers.

This launcher is famous because this is a fast, light, and latest launcher.

This launcher is best for an android app with lots of cool UI tools, super unique themes.

You also get some latest and new HD wallpapers.

So, you get the latest wallpaper for a beautiful home screen, the latest lock system, and launch some apps on your device.

Last  Words

If you reach this section, then I think you read this article and download Windows 8 android apk.

But, one thing to keep in your mind that this apk is for android only. If you want to use windows 8 on your PC, then process and apk both will be different.

Now, if through this article you understand everything about Windows 8 android apk and all queries are clear, then not forget to share this article and if possible, then leave your valuable comment below.

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Download Windows 8 Launcher apk for Android
How to install This APK?

1. Touch the downloaded Windows 8 android apk free download - Latest version @No1apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

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